WildPresenter: Conversation with Jonathan Blank

WildPresenter: Conversation with Jonathan Blank

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WildPresenter is a new product from Wildform that has more abilities than you can count — it is one of those things that you want to keep always installed on your system.

In this Indezine exclusive interview, Wildform CEO Jonathan Blank discusses WildPresenter and its PowerPoint specific abilities.

Geetesh: Tell us more about Wildform and WildPresenter.

Jonathan: Wildform develops and sells presentation, animation and video software. Our products are designed to empower our customers to easily create multimedia presentations, product demos, online tutorials, websites, and e-learning courses that are ready for the widest possible deployment on the Web, intranets, CD-ROMs and mobile devices. We started in 1999 and are based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Our latest product is WildPresenter, a powerful yet easy to use software that is the ideal solution for creating Flash and video presentations, product demos, training videos, and sales & marketing materials. As Tom Arah of PC Pro Magazine (which gave WildPresenter 5 stars) wrote: “WildPresenter offers everything you need to produce impressive results. In particular, it brings together the core features from a whole host of applications – Adobe Flash Professional, Microsoft PowerPoint, Articulate Presenter, Sorenson Squeeze and Adobe Captivate – and at a fraction of their cost, especially at the heavily discounted introductory price. That’s extraordinary power and value.”

In creating WildPresenter we built on our long experience developing easy-to-use Flash software such as our text animators and Flash video encoders, as well as our experience as Internet marketers who often found ourselves looking for software that could do what WildPresenter can do. We found a number of products which could be purchased separately for a few thousand dollars and which still did not provide all the capabilities which we were looking for. So we created WildPresenter and are offering it at a very affordable price. Our goal is for WildPresenter to be the best Flash and video presentation software on the market and we believe that we are well on our way.

Geetesh: Can you explain more about the PowerPoint conversion features in WildPresenter.

Jonathan: One of the great capabilities of WildPresenter is its PowerPoint to Flash converter which features a unique editable import option. Using this option, when you import a PowerPoint .ppt or .pot file, WildPresenter will convert it into WildPresenter’s native format, so that all the text, images, animations and transitions can be edited after import. This method of conversion has many benefits including:

  • The file size of the Flash output is drastically reduced (because unlike other PowerPoint to Flash conversions we are not just taking a screen capture – or bitmap – of the elements in the PowerPoint).
  • The clarity and quality of the images and text are maximized.
  • Vector based text and images scale to any size without pixilation or distortion.
  • You can make changes to your project.
  • You can use your existing PowerPoint projects as templates.
  • You can use PowerPoint .pot template files directly in WildPresenter.
  • You do not need to have PowerPoint installed to use the PowerPoint to Flash converter.

Admittedly, PowerPoint is a huge program with a lot of features, and we do not support all of them, but we support virtually all transitions and the majority of animations and we are continuously adding support for the rest of the features. In fact, since we released WildPresenter in February, we have already provided two significant updates that have greatly enhanced our PowerPoint support. Our goal is to support all the features which can be implemented in the Flash format.

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