Liquid Cabaret: Conversation with Colin Adams

Liquid Cabaret: Conversation with Colin Adams

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Colin Adams (pictured to the left) is the president and founder of Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation — who also create the Liquid Cabaret collection of music tracks.

Privately held, Indigo Rose develops innovative software products and multimedia authoring tools that are used by thousands of customers around the world. Indigo Rose is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada.

Geetesh: Tell us more about your Liquid Cabaret collection.

Colin: Liquid Cabaret is a 20 volume collection of unique, royalty-free, background music tracks ideal for use in PowerPoint presentations. Each volume centers on a musical style or theme such as “Instrumental Pop,””World Journey,” and “70’s Movie Soundtrack.” There’s a really wide variety of styles represented, so you’re sure to find the perfect tracks to accompany your presentation.

Since presentations vary in length and format, so does the music in the Liquid Cabaret collection. Each of the 300 tunes comes in four different lengths, ranging from about 30 seconds to two and half minutes — plus, you have the option to play a track on a continuous loop. Also, all of the tracks are available in high quality MP3 (256k) and OGG (Ogg Vorbis) formats.

All 300 tunes in the Liquid Cabaret collection were written and performed by Montreal-based professional composer, Paul Shrofel. You can purchase any of the volumes in the collection individually or you can get all 20 CDs on a single DVD-ROM at a greatly reduced package price.

Samples of each track are available online at our site and orders may be placed online or through our office at +1 (204) 946-0263.

Geetesh: How well does Liquid Cabaret complement PowerPoint. Also, what’s your favorite track selection for use in a corporate presentation scenario.

Colin: What’s the line? “Say it with music.” We think that a great presentation is enhanced by a great soundtrack. Whether you want to set a mood, match a “theme” or key concept in your presentation, or just add interest and make things more dynamic, music is the way to go.

The Liquid Cabaret collection is the perfect complement to a PowerPoint presentation. First of all, it’s easy to incorporate. You just drag and drop your audio files into your PowerPoint software, and you’re good to go. Second, you have a ton of choice in terms of style and format. There are 300 songs to choose from, so you’re sure to find the tune that matches the tone of your presentation. Plus, each of the songs comes in different lengths and formats so it can be further tailored to your needs. Third, Liquid Cabaret is royalty free so you don’t need to go through the hassle of securing permissions or dealing with copyright issues. You just purchase your music, add it to PowerPoint, and then show your presentation to an audience of two or two hundred.

As far as my favorite track selection goes, I think that the tunes on Volume 12 “Instrumental Pop” and Volume 17 “Thinking Positive” are ideal for corporate presentations. The tracks on both of these volumes have a fresh, upbeat sound that work well as interesting, energizing background music. Having said that, you would probably get a lot of attention in the boardroom by adding tracks from the “70’s Movie Soundtrack” or “Liquid Metal” to your presentation!

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