Better Investor Decks in PowerPoint

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Almost everyday someone is criticizing PowerPoint because they believe it makes people dumb — and that’s not even the larger problem. The larger problem is that it’s so much easy to mention a problem without providing a solution!

It is not everyday that someone actually does provide detailed solutions — Tom Taulli is a noted financial blogger — and he provides a wealth of knowledge on how you can create a better investor slide deck by creating something “that tells a story, clearly showing the company’s path to success”. Tom looks at the “framework every investor deck should include” on the BusinessWeek site. This is a must read.

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  • Powerpoint is not the problem. If a book is poorly written then is it’s MS-Word’s fault? Or an unimaginative graphic is the fault of the authoring applicaton?

    The “problem” is not the application. It is as it always has been, about people. Storytelling is not easy. Few do it well. Just because software tools are available to most people does not mean that “most” people are imaginative, creative or compelling storytellers.

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