Wildform Flair: Conversation with Colby Devitt

Wildform Flair: Conversation with Colby Devitt

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Colby Devitt

Colby DevittColby Devitt is the president and co-founder of Wildform, a multimedia software company based out of Los Angeles, USA. In this conversation, Colby discusses Flair, their Flash authoring product that includes a dedicated PowerPoint to Flash converting component.

Geetesh: Tell us more about Flair, and its PowerPoint to Flash converting capabilities.

Colby: Flair is a fantastic all-round program for people who want to author in Flash, but don’t want to take the time to learn or pay for Flash. (That said, we also have plenty of customers who are Flash developers who use Flair to supplement their work in Flash.) Flair is primarily designed for people who want to create multimedia and e-learning presentations. It includes a top of the line PowerPoint to Flash converter which consistently creates high-quality conversions with small files sizes. Plus, you can edit your converted PowerPoint files within the Flair editing environment, which is a huge advantage.

Geetesh: Flair is much more than a PowerPoint to Flash conversion program. However, can you highlight how Flair differs from other PowerPoint to Flash converting solutions?

Colby: You’re right — Flair is much more than a PowerPoint to Flash converter. Flair has multiple essential presentation capabilities in one program. It’s a Flash authoring tool, a video, image and audio converter, a text effects animator, a quiz creator, and a full video and screen recorder (like Camtasia), in addition to being a full PowerPoint to Flash converter. Each of these capabilities in Flair could be a full program in itself.

The PowerPoint to Flash converter by itself is considered to be the best on the market. It creates high-quality conversions with small file sizes and is the only converter that I know of that lets you edit your PowerPoint files after you import them into Flair. This is a huge convenience for people working with multiple PowerPoint files because it lets you combine pieces from different PowerPoint files, or edit the content of your inherited PowerPoint files before converting them to Flash. It also lets you use your existing PowerPoint templates and designs in Flair projects.

Wildform Flair

Wildform Flair

One of the reasons we created this all-in-one program called Flair, was that our customers not only wanted to convert PowerPoint to Flash, they also wanted to add multimedia elements and interactivity to their presentations. Flair is unique because it lets you create a lot of things you either cannot make at all or can’t make easily in PowerPoint. For example, Flair has a wizard that lets you combine, and synchronize your video and PowerPoint files in three steps! People love this feature. Again, no other product on the market does this.

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