Instant Effects Presenter v4: Conversation with Don Brittain

Instant Effects Presenter v4: Conversation with Don Brittain

Created: Saturday, August 29, 2009 posted by at 10:37 am

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Don Brittain

Don BrittainDon Brittain is CEO and a founder of Instant Effects, a California company that develops software to visually enhance presentations, communications, and collaboration. In this conversation, Don discusses the new v4 release of Instant Effects Presenter.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the new Presenter v4.

Don: With this new release of Presenter, we’re offering even greater control of the key elements needed to produce fantastic speaker support and event graphics.

We’ve continued to build on our hallmark capability of providing modern broadcast looks, complete with custom branding through dynamic logos, branded transitions, and full motion backgrounds.

With version 4, we also offer the ability to include dual low-latency live video feeds, use multiple projectors to produce high-resolution output at reasonable cost, and we allow your presentations to be rendered in stunning stereoscopic 3D, just like the new feature films being released today.

By tightly integrating functions that are normally handled by expensive Audio/Visual equipment, we both lower the cost of producing an event while simultaneously increasing the creative options. This leads to a better visual result, while keeping tight reins on your production budget.

Presenter remains an open and extensible system. In a world where almost all presentations look the same, Presenter offers almost unlimited creative freedom to help your presentations get noticed, stand out, and be remembered. Frankly, it’s quite thrilling to see what others have done with Presenter when it comes to high-class, exciting output.

Geetesh: What are S3D Presenter, Event Presenter, and Master Presenter – are these extras or are they part of the Presenter v4 product?

Don: Presenter has always been based on a real-time 3D rendering system, similar to those used in advanced computer games or for movie special effects. With Release 4, Presenter now consists of a family of four software products, all built on the same core foundation.

With OfficeFX Presenter, we use the core functionality to provide fresh ways to render your PowerPoint content. This allows your presentations to benefit from the visual expressiveness common in broadcast television graphics while still offering the benefits that come from using PowerPoint to enter and edit your content and control your presentation flow.

Event Presenter extends the feature set of OfficeFX Presenter. It uses the power of our real-time rendering system to add support for dual HD video streams, including support for live, low-latency video input in HDMI, HD-SDI, or component form. It also adds the ability to “edge blend” sub-images so that multiple lower resolution projectors can be used to produce very high-resolution displays.

S3D Presenter builds on OfficeFX Presenter in a different direction. It includes support for rendering separate left and right views to produce high-resolution, full-color stereoscopic 3D output for display on a broad range of S3D projectors and monitors. Since we still support the use of 2D assets (images, text, video), S3D Presenter provides an interesting way to give new life to current content. And by including animating 3D models along with stereo 3D images and video, you can produce state-of-the-art results while still employing PowerPoint workflow – complete with the ability to make changes right up to the last minute.

Master Presenter combines the features of OfficeFX Presenter, Event Presenter, and S3D Presenter in a single, comprehensive package. Because different users have different needs, the products are sold separately, but you can easily upgrade with no need to alter any of your existing presentations.

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