Atrixware PowerPoint Quiz Maker: Conversation with Anthony Dunleavy

Created: Tuesday, September 1, 2009, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:00 am

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Anthony DunleavyAnthony Dunleavy is CEO and founder of Atrixware LLC, a New Jersey company that develops e-learning software tools and learning management systems used all over the world since 1997. In this conversation, Anthony discusses their PowerPoint Flash Quiz Maker product.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the your PowerPoint Quiz Maker product, and the new improvements in the latest update.

Anthony: First, we redesigned the interface to look more like PowerPoint 2007 – with the Ribbon Interface toolbar along the top. We then implemented improved workflow and question banking ability by integrating the same workflow and question management abilities as we offer in our more expensive Easy Quiz Maker product (things like project based workflow, spellchecking, easy copy/paste of entire projects, quizzes, or groups of questions, assign images to questions, and a bunch more useful features). We changed the Publish-to-PowerPoint feature to use pre-designed PowerPoint Templates. PowerPoint Quiz Maker comes with a handful, but users can make their own (inside of PowerPoint) that work with PowerPoint Quiz Maker. Lastly, we added the ability to publish the quizzes to a web document so you can place it up on your website, and it will collect the student responses, email you the results, and even store results (this feature requires a subscription to our popular Quiz Management Service).

Atrixware PowerPoint Quiz Maker

Geetesh: Most PowerPoint quizzes are done using VBA or through inserting Flash quizzes – your approach is different. Can you tell me more about the benefits of this approach?

Anthony: VBA doesn’t really work well for quizzes because it does not work in the PowerPoint player, and also does not carry over when PowerPoint presentations are converted into Flash (which many people do). While there are some nice software tools out there that let you insert a quiz question into PowerPoint, they are typically more expensive than our PowerPoint Quiz Maker, and users will need to use that tool to make the modifications to the question(s) in regard to layout, whereas with PowerPoint Quiz Maker, the questions are in fact PowerPoint Slides, so you can use PowerPoint to modify them, which for many people, is much easier since they already know how to work with items on a slide inside PowerPoint.

Atrixware PowerPoint Quiz Maker

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