Adobe Captivate's Edit View

Adobe Captivate’s Edit View

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In an earlier post last week, I discussed Adobe Captivate’s views and compared them to PowerPoint’s deafult views. I also explained about the Storyboard View. In this post, I’ll look at Captivate’s Edit view, which in many ways is similar to PowerPoint’s Normal view.

If you are not already in Edit view within Captivate, choose the View drop-down in the toolbar, and select Edit View as shown in Figure 1 below.

Choose Edit View in Adobe Captivate
Figure 1: Choose Edit View in Adobe Captivate

Edit View has a tri-pane view that’s similar to PowerPoint’s three panes. These are how they compare:

  • Captivate’s Filmstrip is similar to PowerPoint’s Slides Pane.
  • Captivate’s Slide area is similar to PowerPoint’s Slide area.
  • Captivate’s Slide Notes area is similar to PowerPoint’s Notes Pane.

Figure 2 shows you Captivate’s Edit View. At the top of the Slide area, you’ll notice an option called Edit PPT.

Edit View in Adobe Captivate
Figure 2: Edit View in Adobe Captivate

If you don’t see an Edit PPT option, it means that the Adobe Captivate project you are working on did not originate from a PowerPoint presentation.

The Edit PPT option is actually more than one option — click it to the menu that you can see in Figure 3.

Edit PPT Option in Adobe Captivate
Figure 3: Edit PPT Option in Adobe Captivate

So what do these different options mean? To find out check this space next week!

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