SlideShare Channels: Conversation with Rashmi Sinha

SlideShare Channels: Conversation with Rashmi Sinha

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Rashmi Sinha

Rashmi SinhaRashmi Sinha is cofounder and CEO of SlideShare, the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. She manages design and business development at SlideShare. Rashmi blogs at about social software and running a startup.

In this conversation, Rashmi talks about the new Channels feature on SlideShare.

Geetesh: What exactly are SlideShare Channels, and how can they help target content for an audience?

Rashmi: SlideShare channels are custom branded spaces for businesses and brands. If you have content on SlideShare, this gives you a place to have all your content in one place in with a highly customized look and feel.

Channels are less about targeting and more about branding. The targeting is a core part of SlideShare – you put up a piece of content. It reaches people who are interested in through tags, search, sharing on networks. Channels let you have more control of the exprience people have when they land on your SlideShare page and content.

Geetesh: Can anyone create a Channel? Or is there a process that involves approval?

Rashmi: Channels are for businesses and brands who want to have a rich presence on SlideShare and interact with the community. Right now, you do need to talk to us in order to setup a channel. Each is a custom project based on the needs of the business.

The channels available now range in variety of content and organizations. For example,

  • Microsoft Office has setup a channel focused on parenting topic (project done in collaboration with our partners, Federated Media)
  • Ogilvy has setup a concept channel for Pharma
  • Razorfish Marketing uploads about interactive marketing & technology
  • Pew Internet has shared a lot of their research reports about the internet & internet usage
  • Whitehouse is sharing almost 1000 presentations and documents

We’re also rolling out topical Channels that are curated by our content team. For example we have channels on Cloud Computing and Social Media. These types of channels will be curated by our content team. You’ll more of them in the coming months as we roll out new topics.

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