Speech-Over Professional: Conversation with Joel Harband

Speech-Over Professional: Conversation with Joel Harband

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Joel Harband

Joel HarbandJoel Harband heads Tuval Software Industries, based in Israel. Their best known product is Speech-Over Studio, a PowerPoint add-in that enables PowerPoint slides to incorporate narrations using automated voices. In this conversation, Joel discusses improvements in the new Speech-Over Professional product.

Geetesh: What does Speech-Over Professional do for PowerPoint users?

Joel: Speech-Over Professional is aimed at business, educational and government users who want to add voice to their PowerPoint training and e-learning presentations without professional voice recording. Our corporate users tell us how happy they are with the increased productivity they achieve by eliminating the professional voice talent from the workflow loop. The thing they like best about Speech-Over is how easy it is to keep presentations continuously up to date by just editing the text. And managers are happy to see the company’s investment in the presentation being preserved.

The main thing these corporate users are telling us is that text-to-speech narration in training and e-learning is an idea whose time has come. The combination of Speech-Over’s ease of use and efficiency, the excellent text to speech voice quality, and the automation of the workflow dictates that text-to-speech will replace the professional voice talent for these applications.

Geetesh: Tell us about the new improvements in Speech-Over Professional.

Joel: The most significant improvement is that regular subtitles are now created automatically for long speech segments. Users can enter a long transcription of a lecture on a slide, and Speech-Over will automatically display successive 2-line subtitles at the bottom of the screen in coordination with the voice track. This ability supports creating presentations from transcribed lectures by subject matter experts.

There is now an improved ability to control the clip playing order. New controls now appear on the Clip Organizer depending on which mode you are using: Order with Organizer or Order with Custom Animation.

Speech-Over Professional is now available with the amazing NeoSpeech voices Paul and Kate. Paul is already familiar to Speech-Over Professional users; Kate is also very expressive and very exact. All the voices provided with Speech-Over Professional have commercial licenses that support business presentations.

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