EzPaste-xl2anywhere: Conversation with Avi Benita

EzPaste-xl2anywhere: Conversation with Avi Benita

Created: Monday, September 27, 2010 posted by at 4:30 am

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Avi Benita

Avi BenitaAvi Benita is an industrial engineer and statistician with a special expertise in design and analysis of organizational surveys and development of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). He owns Metrics Institute, a consultation company working with leading Israeli firms. As a byproduct of its expertise, Avi develops Excel based utilities, as EzPaste-xl2anywhere, for improving work productivity. EzPaste has been originally developed for PowerPoint only. The last version is able to deal with other applications as well.

In this conversation, Avi discusses EzPaste-xl2anywhere.

Geetesh: What exactly does EzPaste-xl2anywhere do, and how can it be helpful to PowerPoint users?

Avi: Copying data and charts from Excel to other applications such as PowerPoint are very common activities performed by people involved in preparing presentations. You build the tables and the charts in Excel, and present them to your audience in PowerPoint, Word or other programs.

Usually, this basic operation is accomplished by quite tediously copying each data/chart from Excel to the clipboard separately, and then pasting it to the application. Have you ever asked yourself, why isn’t this operation automatic and more efficient? We have, and EzPaste-xl2anywhere is definitely our answer!



EzPaste is a truly unique productivity tool intended for copying at once hundreds of charts or tables from Excel to PowerPoint, Word, HTML, or PDF. It has been engineered with the end users’ needs in mind allowing them full control over the process.

EzPaste automatically identifies all charts and tables in the active Excel workbook, and pastes them to the selected application active file as pictures, Excel editable objects, or linked objects. But even for performing an isolated copy/paste of the current Excel selection (chart or data), EzPaste replaces the 4-5 steps usually involved with one swift click!

Geetesh: How can EzPaste-xl2anywhere help in a quicker workflowws where content from Excel is automatically updated on PowerPoint slides.

Avi: EzPaste’s advantages are obvious when you have to prepare the same presentation again and again based on the same Excel file where only the data changes. With a click of a button, all the work is done!

Suppose that you have to prepare a monthly PowerPoint presentation from an Excel master file where only the values of the different cells change every month and that some 50 charts and tables are to be included in the presentation.

You prepare a master PowerPoint file and link it to the Excel master file with EzPaste. Now, EzPaste knows exactly to which slide in the presentation to paste every chart or table from Excel. Once a month, with a click of a button, EzPaste will update the master PowerPoint file with the updated Excel charts and tables.

Moreover EzPaste has the ability to paste Excel objects as linked objects, meaning that every change in Excel will be reflected automatically in PowerPoint, assuming both files are open.

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