GoldMail for PowerPoint: Conversation with Mark Pierce

GoldMail for PowerPoint: Conversation with Mark Pierce

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Mark Pierce

Mark PierceMark Pierce is VP of Business Development at GoldMail, a PowerPoint integrated communication platform that is available for free. Previously, Mark spent the better part of 6 years leading sales teams for Microsoft’s Unified Communications group.

In this conversation, Mark discusses how GoldMail can help easily create convincing messages with voice-overs using PowerPoint content.

Geetesh: What exactly does GoldMail do, and how can PowerPoint users benefit?

Mark: GoldMail gives you the ability to easily overlay your voice on top of content and then share your on-demand slide show via email or post it online. With GoldMail, a non-technical business person can take a PowerPoint presentation, a picture or a screenshot and then record, in their own voice, a personalized message that puts the images in context and conveys — with nuances and affect — what is most important.

Geetesh: Can you share some scenarios that will show how GoldMail can benefit business users.

Mark: GoldMail helps businesses drive revenue, cut costs and save time by giving them a breakthrough way to communicate in an on-demand fashion.

It gives business user the easiest way to create compelling on-demand presentations and messages that create business impact. Some scenarios:

  • Eliminate one direction conference calls by sending a GoldMail instead.
  • Don’t let associates guess what your PowerPoint deck means, your voice matters in person and it also matters online. Quickly narrate over materials for impact, clarity and emotion.
  • Lead to better collaboration, by sending a GoldMail before a meeting, now, participants are updated about with information and ready to make decisions.
  • Catch the attention of a new prospect by sending a GoldMail that explains your value proposition.
  • Update geographically dispersed colleagues so you can make decisions, quicker.
  • Have subject matter experts record GoldMails that can be used over and over again in the sales process.
  • Save time and money when training, re-use GoldMails over and over again.

GoldMail is available for free here.

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