Distinction’s 2010 Annual Presentation Impact Survey: Conversation with Jim Endicott

Distinction’s 2010 Annual Presentation Impact Survey: Conversation with Jim Endicott

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Jim Endicott

Jim EndicottJim Endicott is an internationally-recognized consultant, designer, speaker specializing in professional presentation messaging, design and delivery. Jim has been a Jesse H. Neal award-winning columnist for Presentations magazine with his contributions to the magazine’s Creative Techniques column. Jim has also contributed presentation-related content in magazines like Business Week, Consulting and Selling Power as well as a being a paid contributor for a number of industry-related websites. In this conversation, Jim discusses the just-launched 2010 Annual Presentation Impact Survey being conducted by his company, Distinction Communication, Inc.

Geetesh: How will this survey will help create a better presentation environment?

Jim: So often today those who serve and support the presentation community around the world make assumptions of need based on our own area of expertise. For example, those who create or support PowerPoint for a living may believe the answer to more successful presentations are better visuals. Or maybe delivery skills coaches are convinced success in presenting has more to do with the physical delivery and less on PowerPoint while others may tout good messaging as a key to real impact.

All these perspectives are obviously valid but it’s time we gave active presenters around the world the opportunity to tell us themselves what frustrates them and what do they perceive to be important needs and priorities. Every year we ask what may be the most important question of them all – how much impact do they believe being a good presenter/communicator has on their career and income? That answer often becomes their personal motivation for change.

If we all truly listen, then we’ll be able to provide more relevant resources that are focused around the things that cause presenters sleepless nights.

Geetesh: How is Distinction equipped to handle a survey of this sort.

Jim: There are many resources available these days for hosting large scale surveys and we look for several things in a survey service provider; can they make the process quick and easy for participants and can they provide great analytics to be able to dissect the results so we can draw meaningful conclusions. We use a service that provides both those elements.

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