Learn PowerPoint 2010: Drawing Multiple Shapes Quickly

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Drawing Multiple Shapes Quickly

Created: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 posted by at 6:50 am

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Sometimes you need to draw multiple shapes of the same type on a slide, maybe a hundred smiley faces on one slide, or even a hundred stars on a dark blue slide. Yes, you can do that in PowerPoint by inserting single shapes on the slide! Essentially, you select a shape from the Shapes gallery, and then draw your shape — then revisit the Shapes gallery again to select that same shape again, and redraw another instance. Yes, that means a hundred trips to the Shapes gallery, and drawing on the slide as many times — there has to be an easier way. Indeed there is an option to make things simpler — and it is called the Lock Drawing Mode option.

Learn more about drawing multiple shapes quickly using the Lock Drawing Mode option.

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