VisualBee Improvements: Conversation with Shai Schwartz

VisualBee Improvements: Conversation with Shai Schwartz

Created: Thursday, May 19, 2011 posted by at 4:00 am

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Shai Schwartz

Shai SchwartzShai Schwartz, VP Marketing & Creative at VisualBee has 10 years of experience in the high-tech industry as a graphic designer and provides services to clients such as Comverse, NICE, Amdocs, Intel and more. He holds an MA in Communications from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In this conversaion, Shai discusses the new improvements announced for VisualBee that lets your presentations interact with social media platforms.

Geetesh: Tell us about VisualBee’s new improvements that let you publish or share presentations to social media sites.

Shai: VisualBee has two new compelling features that provide added power and flexibility to users of social media sites.

VisualBee now lets users send out a tweet on Twitter about each new presentation, and post a Facebook update – all directly from within the VisualBee tab of the PowerPoint Ribbon. Users can also post presentations directly to Slideshare, the online slide hosting service – this again is possible using the options added to the VisualBee tab of the Ribbon. VisualBee thus gives its users the broadest possible exposure for their viewing audiences.

Geetesh: What are the other extras you have added in terms of visuals, templates, and layouts?

Shai: VisualBee now has a great new feature – the Image Gallery. Without even enhancing a presentation, users can now take advantage of VisualBee’s huge 12,000+ (and growing) image library. All they have to do is select a photograph and click the Insert Image into Slide option in the VisualBee Image Gallery side panel.

Image Gallery also has a powerful search function which helps the user isolate relevant pictures about any particular subject.

Users can, of course, still use Select from Gallery, as part of the VisualBee Enhancement process to select or replace images from the Image Bank.

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