Cartoons in PowerPoint Presentations: Conversation with Mark Anderson

Cartoons in PowerPoint Presentations: Conversation with Mark Anderson

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Mark Anderson

Mark AndersonMark Anderson graduated with a music degree in 1997, but his first job involved selling screws! Finding a music career impractical, and the business world uninspiring, he began drawing cartoons at the living room coffee table in his spare time. It was a rough start, but Mark refined his talents and soon sold his first cartoon. Seeing himself in print, and check in hand, Anderson set about reinventing himself as a cartoonist. Mark now runs Andertoons from his studio, where he sits at a drafting table. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife, son, daughter, dog, cats, and one well-used coffee table.

In this conversation, Mark talks about using cartoons in your next PowerPoint presentation.

Geetesh: What do you think about the use of cartoon graphics in PowerPoint presentations?

Mark: I think cartoons are a perfect fit in presentations for a few reasons:

Slide after slide of bullet points is enough to make even the most caffeinated among us a bit groggy. A nice big engaging graphic element is great for breaking things up.

Let’s face it, not everyone can tell a joke, and a truly great presentation is as much entertainment as information. So using a cartoon is a perfect way to get a worry-free ready-made laugh that makes you and your presentation a standout.

Geetesh: Tell us about your Andertoons site, and how much does it cost to use a cartoon from your collection in a business presentation.

Mark: I like to think of my site as a small gourmet sweets shop. Sure, you could go to the gas station and get any number of candy bars pretty cheaply. Or you could visit that little local shop down the road where they make that special super chocolatey fudge right in front of you. You might pay a bit more, but the end product is so much better.

My cartoons are available only at, I don’t try to represent or market anyone else’s work, and all of my cartoons are guaranteed gluten free! I charge $30 per cartoon for usage in a presentation.

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