KVStudio: Conversation with Michael Kolowich

KVStudio: Conversation with Michael Kolowich

Created: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 posted by at 4:30 am

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Michael Kolowich

Michael KolowichMichael Kolowich is founder and CEO of KnowledgeVision, which has developed enterprise-grade tools for creating, managing, and distributing synchronized interactive online video presentations for communications, marketing, training, and sales professionals.

In this discussion, Michael discusses KVStudio, an online presentation platform.

Geetesh: What exactly is KVStudio, and how would you describe its capabilities to a person whose presentation adventures have never ventured beyond PowerPoint?

Michael: Simply put, KVStudio is an easy-to-use web tool and service from KnowledgeVision that captures the live presentation experience and makes it available on-demand on the web — complete with video of the speaker, fully-animated PowerPoint slides, and handouts, and footnotes. It’s the quickest and easiest way to turn your business presentations into interactive video web assets for content marketing, sales support, training, corporate communications, and investor relations. KnowledgeVision is great for putting a company’s best presentations and communicators to work on the web, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

For an example of a KnowledgeVision presentation, take a look at http://www.knowledgevision.com/demonstration.

KVStudio is remarkably easy to learn, and can be used on both Mac and Windows computers. Just upload a PowerPoint file, upload a video file or turn on a webcam, and you can publish a completely interactive online video presentation in minutes. You can then drop the presentation into your website, emails, blogs — anywhere you can publish web content. And we also support publishing presentations to the Apple iPad.

We take care of everything — the file conversion, video streaming, storage. All you do is upload the files, synchronize the slides to the video using a simple interface, choose a designer player template, and name the presentation. We do the rest.

Geetesh: What are the various editions of KVStudio, how are they different, and how much do they cost?

Michael: KnowledgeVision offers KVStudio in three editions, starting at $195 per month, to meet different levels of required features, usage, and budget:

  • The Basic Edition contains all the core KnowledgeVision functionality, and can host up to 10 presentations at any one time. It is priced at $195 per month, with annual purchase options available.
  • Most of our customers choose the Professional Edition, which adds more customization features and supports up to 50 presentations at a time. In addition to on-demand presentations, live presentations are also offered as a option. KVStudio Professional Edition is priced at $5,000 per year.
  • And larger organizations prefer the Enterprise Edition, which supports 5 or more content creators, 100 presentations, and offers even more customization, training and support, and features. KVStudio Enterprise Edition is priced at $11,000 per year.

A complete description of the features and pricing of the three KVStudio editions may be found at http://www.knowledgevision.com/kvpricing.

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