Efficient Elements: Conversation with Felix Dollinger

Efficient Elements: Conversation with Felix Dollinger

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Felix Dollinger

Felix Dollinger
Felix Dollinger studied Business Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, and at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, USA. He started his career as a Strategy Consultant and Project Manager at Siemens Management Consulting, one of the leading strategy consultancies in Germany. Having to create countless slides himself, he quickly identified the huge efficiency potential in slide creation. Joining forces with a friend from university, Felix founded Efficient Elements GmbH in 2008 with its first product, Efficient Elements for presentations.

In this conversation, Felix discusses the Efficient Elements add-in for PowerPoint.

Geetesh: Tell us about your Efficient Elements add-in for PowerPoint, what it does, and how it evolved.

Felix: Efficient Elements for presentations will help you both save time and improve quality in creating slides. The Agenda Wizard automatically creates and updates agenda slides for you — it has never been easier to calculate time slots and shuffle complete presentations. The Slide Wizard saves you from reinventing the wheel every time, offering a large library of standard elements like three-column designs, process chains or editable country maps. Both Agenda Wizard and Slide Wizard can be fully customized to any corporate design — so it is actually easier to comply with the corporate design than not to comply. The My Elements feature works like favorites in a browser — you can easily organize your own frequently used elements for later reuse. And last but not least, the Efficiency Tools will help you in aligning slide elements faster and more precisely, or in emailing selected slides with a single click. There are actually many more time savers included, just give it a try with our free 30-day trial.

At Efficient Elements, the daily annoyances in PowerPoint have always been the main driver for further development, initially triggered by our own (painful) experience, later on also by our customers’ feedback and ideas. It all started with the library of the Slide Wizard and the alignment functions of the Efficiency Tools. In the meantime, many other features have been added and further development is always ongoing, currently also for a new product for Microsoft Word.

Efficient Elements has been growing very rapidly since its foundation and it is amazing to see how fast it spread across all 5 continents. Feedback from our global customers shows that an average user saves more than 2 hours per week with Efficient Elements. For us, it is always most rewarding to see the positive impact our tool has.

Geetesh: Can you tell us about the new features added to Efficient Elements, such as the built-in fully configurable color palette?

Felix: The most recent feature we added to Efficient Elements is a fully configurable color palette. An unlimited number of colors in any kind of grouping can be easily configured based on RGB values. This is particularly useful if the corporate design specifies more colors than PowerPoint can address in a color scheme. The individual colors are shown with their RGB values and can even be named for easier recognition.

Efficient Elements Color Palette

Efficient Elements Color Palette

Another feature that we added recently is called Intelligent Elements. It gives you the opportunity to use date, time or file variables in text boxes with automatic updating upon saving the file. This way you can easily have e.g. the current file name or current date in any text box you like.

Efficient Elements Intelligent Elements

Efficient Elements Intelligent Elements

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