Learn PowerPoint 2010: Resize, Rotate, and Flip Videos

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Resize, Rotate, and Flip Videos

Created: Thursday, June 28, 2012 posted by at 3:45 am

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In this series of tutorials on working with videos in PowerPoint 2010, you have already learned about correction adjustments for videos, recoloring video clips, and applying Video Styles, Video Effects, Video Shapes, and Video Borders that can help you enhance the look of your inserted videos. These options will make your video clips look better and focused — and will provide you with ideas to make your video clips stand apart. Yet, there are some very basic video editing options that can be even more significant. These include how you can resize, rotate, and flip your inserted video clips. Resizing can help you change dimensions of your video clips, while slight changes in rotation values can draw attention. Flip, the last of these options though is something you will almost never use — unless you want to do something drastically different!

Learn how you can Resize, Rotate, and Flip video clips in PowerPoint 2010.

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