New Features in SlideShark Team Edition: Conversation with David Klein

New Features in SlideShark Team Edition: Conversation with David Klein

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David KleinDavid Klein is senior director of product management at Brainshark, Inc., leading the product team in developing innovative business solutions. Brainshark’s cloud-based software lets users create online and mobile video presentations – using simple business tools like PowerPoint and the telephone – and then share and track their content. Thousands of companies use Brainshark to improve the reach and results of their business communications, while also dramatically reducing costs.

In this conversation, David discusses new features in SlideShark, Brainshark’s free app for reliably viewing and sharing PowerPoints on the iPad, and in SlideShark Team Edition.

Geetesh: Can you explain the new features added in SlideShark Team Edition, and also the features that have been made available to all SlideShark users?

David: I’d be happy to. We’ve set out on a pace of rapid innovation for SlideShark, and are pleased to be rolling out new features to help our users better find, access and present content. Chief among these enhancements is the introduction of folders in SlideShark Team Edition, the multi-user version of SlideShark.

The new folder functionality is exciting, allowing organizations to provide their users with instant, secure, and even easier access to timely, approved materials –- helping meet the needs of larger teams. Folders come in especially handy in positions like sales, where reps need to stay on top of product changes, and make sure they’re viewing and delivering only up-to-date, approved content.

Here’s how the folders work: Account administrators can create, modify and delete folders to organize content, and can also add, delete and move content within folders. Administrators can also control which users have access to which folders, and which users can upload, delete or move materials within them. Users, in turn, will only see and have access to the content for which they have permission. This feature makes it easier to differentiate the content of the various teams using SlideShark and adds another crucial level of security.

SlideShark v1.7 folders capability app view

SlideShark v1.7 folders capability Web view

We’ve also introduced other exciting features that all our users –- across SlideShark Team Edition, SlideShark Plus, and our free SlideShark app -– can take advantage of. These include:

  • Support for Apple AirPlay –- Business professionals can use SlideShark in conjunction with Apple AirPlay to wirelessly stream their presentations to a projector or monitor that is connected to an Apple TV. iPad 2 and third-generation iPad users can opt to use SlideShark’s Presenter Mode at the same time –- letting them view slide notes, timers, an animation counter, and slide thumbnails on their iPad -– all while the audience sees the content projected in full-screen mode.
  • Support for background music –- Users can now play music from other apps such as iTunes or Pandora in the background while using SlideShark.

  • Simplified navigation –- When viewing or presenting slides, making a “swipe back” gesture on the iPad now moves the presentation back one animation at a time. If already at the beginning of a slide, the gesture will take users back to the last animation on the previous slide.

  • No drifting to sleep –- Even when users aren’t touching the screen, if a presentation is playing in SlideShark, the iPad’s sleep mode setting will be disabled -– preventing black screens from popping up and disrupting a presentation. When users are otherwise idle -– not presenting, uploading or downloading in SlideShark -– the app supports normal sleep mode settings.

  • Higher-impact reporting -– SlideShark’s reporting dashboard is now more visually powerful, with stacked bar graphs that display presentation tracking information (Plus and Team Edition users only).

Geetesh: Can you share some examples of the use of SlideShark in some industry segments?

David: Sure. Since the launch of SlideShark last October and of SlideShark Team Edition in February, we’ve seen great activity and excitement among users, and strong traction across industries. Our SlideShark app continues to net two downloads per minute, 24×7, in Apple’s App Store, and Team Edition is seeing heavy adoption in industries including pharmaceuticals, technology, insurance and financial services.

We love hearing about our users’ experiences and suggestions, and have been gratified by the innovative and exemplary ways they’re using our app. Here are some recent successes they’ve had to share:

  • Melissa Buchanan, XRAY brand manager at Guerbet LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of the Guerbet Group, a leading multinational diagnostic imaging company, noted: “In addition to providing environmental benefits, SlideShark Team Edition gives our representatives on-the-go access to our most current collateral –- increasing our effectiveness while reducing our production expenses dramatically.”
  • Jan Bjorksten, IT manager at Cleveland Construction, Inc., a national provider of construction services, reported: “SlideShark Team Edition enables us to ensure that PowerPoint presentations we make available for important meetings are easily accessible via the iPad, in only their most up-to-date version -– making it easy to view slides en route to a meeting, present them there and have access to the final decks afterward.”

We invite all our users to keep us posted on their successes! With our new features and commitment to continual product innovation, we look forward to continuing to meet our users’ needs and to helping them access, view and present up-to-date and approved content – from their iPads and on-the-go.

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