Zenler Studio: Conversation with Tom Burton

Zenler Studio: Conversation with Tom Burton

Created: Friday, September 14, 2012 posted by at 4:00 am

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Tom BurtonTom Burton is VP Business Development at Zenler. Tom is responsible for developing North American markets for Zenler’s eLearning authoring tools as well as Learning Management Systems. Tom also chips in as one of Zenler’s community managers. Tom has extensive sales background and eLearning is his big area of interest and he blogs often on e-Learning. Zenler’s products include Zenler Studio eLearning Authoring Tool and Zenler Online Learning Management System.

In this conversation, Tom discusses how existing PowerPoint users can use Zenler Studio, and about delivering the created content through devices such as the iPad.

Geetesh: What exactly is Zenler Studio, and what makes Zenler Studio attractive to PowerPoint users?

Tom: Zenler Studio is a new eLearning authoring tool that lets users easily create rich interactive eLearning courses. Traditionally PowerPoint based authoring tools were more of just a PowerPoint to Flash Conversion tool, but with Zenler Studio, its much more than that with its Course Designer which gives the course a proper structure and other interactive features. Zenler Studio treats a course just like a book having chapters and questions at end of each chapter.

With Zenler Studio, you can create courses with Multiple Quiz Styles, Multiple format import including Word as embedded eBook & PowerPoint, Video/Audio Narration, Screen capture videos, a range of customisable interactions all from right within PowerPoint and all within a single tool.

Currently in the authoring tools available, you would create a flash quiz and embed it into the course. But this approach causes limitations on the extent to which these quizzes can be customised. We take a radical approach in Zenler Studio, the quizzes are inserted as pure slides into PowerPoint.

That is — even the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers are nothing but just slides in PowerPoint. This gives users the ability to customise each quiz slides to great lengths than they were able to do before.

Also another key differentiator is that it also lets users create simulations and scenarios using it’s Scenario Builder feature. Moreover, with Zenler Studio pro+ users which is coming up. users can also can create fully integrated end-to-end simulation/game based courses from an authoring tool now without the huge costs involved in custom game development.

Take a look at the quick demo to see to create a course using Zenler Studio.

Geetesh: Once you create content with Zenler Studio within the familiar PowerPoint environment, what output options are available? Also is the ouput iPad compatible?

Tom: Zenler Studio allows users to publish courses in SCORM/AICC format and Adobe Flash currently. With almost all mobile OSs dropping support for Flash and eLearning going more mobile, we believe HTML5 is the future. HTML5 is still very much an evolving standard, but let me take this opportunity to announce that Zenler Studio with HTML5/Mobile compatibility should be out soon as it’s in final stages of development.

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