D1gits: Conversation with Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales

D1gits: Conversation with Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales

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Charlie Caper

Charlie CaperCharlie Caper is a magician, performer and creator. He won Sweden’s Got Talent 2009, and is the only magician to ever win this TV format in any of the 25 countries it’s aired. He won a Silver Medal at the Last World Championship of Magic in 2009. He is currently a television star in Sweden with the show “Helt Magiskt” starring in ten Saturday evening shows on Sweden’s biggest channel SVT. Apart from that he has performed in 31 countries and 6 languages.

Erik Rosales

Erik RosalesErik Rosales is a multi-talented man with a huge interest and expertise in all kinds of technology and how to use it on stage. He is also the front man of incredible Swedish music sensation Sirqus Alfon, with whom he recently created the ambitious, inventive and amazing SATV show. In 2012 they were invited to be guest act in Melodifestivalen — by far the TV program with the most viewers in Sweden every year. At present his solo work focuses on hosting, lecturing and digital presentation consultation.

In this conversation, Charlie and Erik discuss alternatives to slide-led presentations, such as their presentation for the city of Stockholm.

Geetesh: Tell us more about how you got started with doing presentations — and what makes it amazing for you all to work as a team?

Charlie and Erik: We have been doing presentations for many, many years. Erik has done a lot of lectures and hosting using digital technology and Charlie has done a lot of trade show presentations. Then about a year ago, we got the opportunity to work together through Step2 Communications to create a really cool, high tech presentation about Stockholm. We knew we would work with a lot of screens and drew some inspiration from the picture of the earth in Marco Tempest’s super cool iPhone TED-talk. We have very eclectic backgrounds and added together we have knowledge in programming, dance, stagecraft, audiovisual syncing, physical theater, sleight of hand, rhetoric and psychology, electronics, just to name a few. The wish and joy in getting to mix all of this into a wonderful soup is how we started doing presentations together. We decided to work together using the D1gits brand name.

It is amazing to work together as a team (and also with the other people involved) as we constantly surprise each other by having strange new skills, talents and ideas.

Geetesh: How are your presentations, such as the one you did for the city of Stockholm different from the typical PowerPoint led presentations?

Charlie and Erik: When creating the Stockholm presentation, we drew inspiration from all kinds of things, and none of those included the classic PowerPoint presentation. We always want to first capture the attention of the audience before we deliver any message or information. And we don’t look at any visual aid as something to echo what we are saying, we want it to add to what we are saying. And lastly the message is not everything for us. We want it to live together with something very entertaining. We want it to be more a message than a show, but we want it to feel more a show than a message!

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