NXPowerLite 6: Conversation with Mike Power

NXPowerLite 6: Conversation with Mike Power

Created: Monday, December 16, 2013 posted by at 4:00 am

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Mike Power is the founder and Managing Director of Neuxpower, a software solutions company based in the UK. Neuxpower custom-builds both stand-alone applications and add-ins that enhance existing software such as Microsoft Office. Their commercially-available file optimization software NXPowerLite compresses PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files simply and effectively by up to 90%, making them easy to email as attachments.

In this conversation, Mike discusses the new version 6 release of NXPowerLite.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the new NXPowerLite 6 – and what’s your favorite new feature?

Mike: It’s hard to select just one favorite — we’ve improved in so many areas with this release. However, personally I’m very happy with the addition of the one-click options within Explorer. Our mutual friend Rick Altman had asked for this ability some time back, and I was so happy to release it finally. I work mostly within Explorer, so it just makes it so much easier if I want to send some photos, I just select them in Explorer, and click “Optimize and email” and they are quickly reduced and attached to an email in one step.

NXPowerLite 6

In terms of the feature that I think will have a big impact I’d have to say adding zip compression within email. Our focus since version 2 has been to try and create the best solution for reducing business documents for email. Our optimization technology works really well on files that don’t tend to zip very well, but there are plenty of files that do reduce with zip compression. For our software to do both within email I think makes it a really great feature for organizations that just want a simple all in one email reduction solution.

Geetesh: NXPowerLite now has full Office 2013 support – what does this mean for end users?

Mike: In terms of Microsoft Office 2013 support, a long time back we added a feature to our software to protect people’s files by explicitly setting a maximum supported version. This ensures that if Microsoft release a new version of Office for example, we get to fully test our software with it before lifting the restriction. This avoids unpleasant surprises should Microsoft change something that means our software suddenly starts negatively affecting new files.

Now that we’ve had chance to fully test with Office 2013, we opened up the support so that customers using the latest version will now be able to optimize the latest files. To ensure we stay as effective as possible, we will also be adding support for some of the specific new features within Office 2013 in upcoming point releases.

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