SketchDeck: Conversation with Chris Finneral

SketchDeck: Conversation with Chris Finneral

Created: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 posted by at 4:00 am

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Chris Finneral

Chris FinneralChris Finneral is CEO and Co-Founder of SketchDeck. Previously he was a consultant at McKinsey & Company in London. During his time at McKinsey he made thousands of PowerPoint slides and felt firsthand how painful and time consuming it was to make good slides in PowerPoint. McKinsey had an outsourced slide design service where you could email sketches of slides and have perfect PowerPoint slides in your inbox the next morning. This was invaluable. SketchDeck was created to bring this service to everyone.

In this conversation, Chris discusses SketchDeck.

Geetesh: How did SketchDeck evolve – tell us more about the story behind this product.

Chris: SketchDeck was founded last year after I left the consulting firm McKinsey & Company and no longer had access to the slide production service that they offered. This service took hand drawn sketches and converted them into PowerPoint presentations – saving hours of time and creating better presentations. After having this service, going back was painful.

It then struck me. Few of my friends at other companies had access to a service like this, despite how useful it was. That was the moment when I teamed up with an old friend from university and decided to bring SketchDeck to the rest of the world.

The last year has been a roller coaster as anyone who has started a company would know. We received funding at the beginning of the year which has accelerated the development of SketchDeck. We’re excited to announce that SketchDeck is now live, and you can start using it today.

Geetesh: How can I start to use SketchDeck?

Chris: We’ve just launched the product so you can sign up on our website and start using it today. Once you’re signed up, it’s just three steps to a great presentation.

how to sketchDeck

how to sketchDeck

  1. Sketch out your slide with a pen and paper or your favorite iPad sketching app.
  2. Send to SketchDeck bu email or using the dropbox on our home page.
  3. A few hours later, get great PowerPoint slides in your inbox.

We are running a special offer for the whole of February where the service is completely free. To get started, sign up at the top of our website

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