Office Timeline’s Integration with Wrike: Conversation with Tim Stumbles

Office Timeline’s Integration with Wrike: Conversation with Tim Stumbles

Created: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 posted by at 4:00 am

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Tim Stumbles

Tim StumblesTim Stumbles is the co-founder of Office Timeline, a start-up focused on making project presentations simple. Office Timeline offers timeline maker and Gantt chart software, natively built for Microsoft PowerPoint. With Office Timeline over 500,000 PowerPoint users easily create impressive project presentations for important client and executive meetings.

In this conversation, Tim talks about Office Timeline’s integration with Wrike.

Geetesh: Tim, can you introduce us to both Wrike, and also the integration that Office Timeline provides with Wrike?

Tim: The challenge in the project planning and project management space is project visuals. Project applications create very detailed and complex visuals that are intended for the project teams but which are difficult for non-project audiences to understand. Our users tell us that their clients and executives don’t want to see complicated Gantt charts and timelines, but rather want to these in a simple, visual way that is familiar to them. In many organizations across the world, PowerPoint is the familiar standard for client and executive presentations. Office Timeline is a PowerPoint add-in that solves the challenge of complicated project visuals. It creates simple, impressive high-level timelines and Gantt charts that are suitable for executive communications.

Wrike is a powerful online project management and work collaboration solution. Wrike users depended on it to streamline important workflow processes and manage massive projects. We teamed with them to build integration so users can instantly create impressive Executive Gantts and timeline slides in PowerPoint, by importing their existing Wrike data.

Office Timeline’s Integration with Wrike

Office Timeline’s Integration with Wrike

Geetesh: How is the Office Timeline – Wrike integration useful for users of both products, and how does this work within PowerPoint? Can resultant timelines be updated as well?

Tim: Users across the enterprise are under pressure to do more and they are constantly looking for productivity boosts to help them. Our users were asking for tighter connections from Office Timeline to their project tools so they could be more productive and effective. We have completed a wave of integrations with project tools like Microsoft Project, Excel, Wrike and others. These integrations bring huge productivity gains to anyone who is communicating a project. What used to take them hours to do before can now be done in a few clicks.

Office Timeline’s integration with Wrike is our most recent development in this wave. The actual integration happens natively, right inside PowerPoint via Office Timeline Plus edition. Users log into Wrike from the Office Timeline import wizard in PowerPoint. They select their project and choose which parts of it they want to present. Once the project details have been selected Office Timeline instantly transforms the data into a graphical PowerPoint visual that can easily be shared, edited and presented. Any Wrike user can download the free version of Office Timeline from our website and try this immediately.

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