Create a Pop-out Effect in PowerPoint

Create a Pop-out Effect in PowerPoint

Created: Monday, December 19, 2016 posted by at 4:00 am

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Do you always struggle to make people focus on your presentations? Maybe you’re not a Photoshop pro who can spice up the images by using fancy layers and filters. Has it ever occurred to you that you can add the same Pop-out effect right in your PowerPoint presentation?

Let’s see how we can create a Remove Background effect or the Pop-out effect. It can be used if you have many images in your slides and want people to concentrate only on a certain aspect of your image.

Let us take an example of the given image file:

Image from Unsplash

Consider that you only have to concentrate on some aspects of the image. So you can highlight them and fade out rest of the image. So, if you want to focus on the window, you can show the image like this.


Let’s see how did we achieve this result:

  1. Create a duplicate slide of the image file, simply by pressing the Ctrl+D shortcut. Select the image. Now on the Format tab, choose Remove Background.

    Format Tab

    Format Tab

  2. Select only the part which you want. In our case, it is the window—the rest of the image will turn purple, indicating that it will be removed. After you are done selecting, you will have something like what you see in the image below. Only the window will be colored and the rest of the image will be grayed.
    Remove Background
  3. Now to create the faded effect, take the replica of the image we created. Click on the Format tab and then click on Color for various pre-defined options. In our case, we use the Gray option. Using that color, the image will look faded.

    Color Gray
  4. Now, the final part is how to merge both these images. Paste the file with removed background on this faded image. Sometimes both these files may not be aligned. In that case, select both the images then go to Format | Align. Click on Align Center and Align Middle. There you go, we have the final picture ready. You can also repeat the same steps for any other parts of the image you want to highlight.

    Pop-out Effect

    Pop-out Effect

Use this remarkable effect to make impressive slides and keep the audience engaged to the part that you want. If you have another creative Pop-out effect idea, comment at the end of this blog.

Rishabh Pugalia

Rishabh PugaliaRishabh Pugalia is a Chartered Accountant. Before being involved with content creation at Yoda Learning, he worked with KPMG and J. P. Morgan. He enjoys working with both Excel and PowerPoint, and in the remaining time, you will find him playing Counter Strike. Do take a look at some of the PowerPoint tutorials on his site; he hopes they will help you make presentations like an investment banker or a consultant.

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