Introducing SlideProof for PowerPoint: by Jan Metchel

Introducing SlideProof for PowerPoint: by Jan Metchel

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SlideProof is an all-in-one PowerPoint add-in to deliver presentations better and faster. With this software, you will have access to many tools.

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In this guest post, I will introduce SlideProof. SlideProof is an all-in-one PowerPoint add-in to deliver presentations better and faster. With this software, you will have access to many tools such as:

  • Agenda to structure your presentation
  • Library to find and share content with your teams
  • Productivity to edit, unify and send your content
  • Check to deliver flawless presentations

SlideProof Ribbon

The all-in-one Ribbon allows you to have every function just one click away and has been designed to follow your workflow:

SlideProof Ribbon

SlideProof Ribbon


Thanks to this tool, you can enhance your presentation with a well-rounded agenda. You have access to many options:

  • Different options within the Agenda menu to instantly customize it.
  • Fast and simple creation of complex elements (responsible person, time slot, time duration and more).
  • Design the agenda to comply with your corporate identity.
  • Updates will ensure that there is no mistake in the structure of your presentation.

Furthermore, updating the Agenda is one-click away and will reflect every change you have made. Even if you forget to update the Agenda, the Check function will remind you!

SlideProof Agenda

SlideProof Agenda

We know what life is like for consultants, you are given guidelines and you regularly need to re-use templates, slides, and shapes, and it can be quite a struggle to search through every folder to find this content. Thanks to the Library, everything is accessible directly within PowerPoint. By default, you have access to three libraries (personal, team and company) and you can add other library paths if needed.

You can also Publish new content (templates, agendas, slides, shapes) to your chosen libraries. This will enable you and your teams to re-use it in other presentations.

In addition to the content already existing within your libraries, you can also find content directly from the web. These icons and pictures are free for commercial use and will appear instantly while typing a keyword in the search bar.

SlideProof Library

SlideProof Library


SlideProof Productivity

SlideProof Productivity

This feature of the software helps you to manipulate shapes elements faster. While creating a presentation, you need to align your objects, make them the same width, same height and so on. SlideProof gives you more control over features that are already in PowerPoint. It also provides access to new tools that have been created to enhance the user experience, such as switch positions, select similar shapes, super-size text and much more. Furthermore, all those buttons are gathered in a productivity pane to make them more accessible.

In addition, you can set placeholders (such as footnote or source) or set the proofing language of the presentation.

You also can save and send selected slides of your presentation.


When you have completed your presentation, you want to be sure that it is flawless. The Check increases the quality of your presentation by detecting and fixing mistakes. Some of these include:

  • Double spaces, punctuation, missing closing brackets, proofing language, update agenda, hyphenated words
  • Color scheme, font format, font size, line spacing, bullet format, placeholder styles
  • Alignment of shapes over slides, cell margins, shapes outside of slide area, overlapping text

What SlideProof customers are saying:

Great plugin for PowerPoint that we use with every presentation because SlideProof saves us time and effort – literally hours of work every week. We have received great support and care from the SlideProof team.

Chris Winquist
– KPMG Global Strategy Group, Finland

Jan Metchel

Jan MetchelJan Mechtel is co-founder of Veodin Software GmbH, a German startup developing productivity software. Veodin is a boutique software manufacturer focused on tools for consultants and professionals. Jan has a background in consulting and finance. At Veodin he is the Head of Product Design and Client Relationships. He is passionate about PowerPoint, Excel and helping consultants.

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