Presentation Management Strategic to Enterprise Communication: Conversation with James Ontra

Presentation Management Strategic to Enterprise Communication: Conversation with James Ontra

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James Ontra from Shufflrr discusses how presentation management is strategic to enterprise communication in this conversation.

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James Ontra

James Ontra
James Ontra is co-founder and CEO of Shufflrr. His 30-year career has focused on the highest profile presentations for world class companies.  His clients have included:  American Express, Bloomberg, Epcot Center, Mercedes Benz, NBC Olympics, Warner Bros. and many more.  His vision and strategy have been driving Presentation Management to become a recognized communication discipline.  James combined this passion with technical development to build Shufflrr. Presentation Management is smart communication strategy.

In this conversation, James discusses how presentation management is strategic to enterprise communication.

Geetesh: James, in your opinion how is Presentation Management strategic to enterprise communication?

James: Presentation Management strategy uses slides to tell your story. From broad-reaching visions to intricate details of patented processes, presentations are used to communicate your brand, message, and let’s face it: your corporate identity.

Long ago, companies realized the value of TV advertising. If you hire a great director and a Hollywood actor and go to an exotic location to make a commercial that airs during the Superbowl, business will boom. This TV ad process delivers powerful messaging and ultimately sales. The same process-driven strategy is used for radio, billboards, the Web, social, and so on. Each has become its’ own category of strategic corporate communication and each delivers communication value to the enterprise.

However, presentations have never been valued as strategic to the organization. Even though they are used to communicate all facets of your business, there is no universal way to manage these slides and no means to glean business intelligence from those presentation interactions. They are used to sell products, to sell investors, to train employees, as well as teach and convince prospective clients to become new clients. They touch every employee and every customer alike. Yet for some reason, the current presentation workflow is dead-ended, one-and-done. Usually, the marketing department makes beautiful slides with proper messaging. They give them to sales who then adapt the slides for specific meetings. After the meeting, the presentation dies a lonely death on some network drive only to be referenced (opened, search through, copy-paste, and closed) when sales is in a frantic rush to make a new presentation at some later date. It is time-consuming and not very efficient.

Current Process from Shufflrr

Current Process from Shufflrr
Current Process

Presentation Management elevates presentations to the valuable enterprise communications that they are. At the center of Presentation Management is a visual slide library. By visualizing your slides and files, users can easily search and preview to locate that perfect slide, and then drag and drop it into a new presentation. Presentation creation becomes faster and easier for your organization. It makes everyone more productive. Think of the hours everyone wastes fumbling around PowerPoint.

The creation is only one stage of the presentation workflow. Other elements are re-using, updating, sharing, broadcasting, auditing, and the final and highest-profile …. presenting.

Presentation Workflow Strategy by Shufflrr

Presentation Workflow Strategy by Shufflrr
Presentation Workflow Strategy

Without a presentation management strategy, a user creates a presentation with 20 slides the day before a meeting. That’s it. He’s committed to those slides and he gives his presentation. And then in the middle of the meeting, somewhere around slide #9, the client asks a question off-topic and not included in his deck. A solid presentation management strategy calls for interactivity, so users are productive during meetings. The user can reference the slide library, quick search, and visual will let that user find slides and files about that question and can then project on-demand, answering the question in real-time. The presentation follows the conversation. The user looks smarter, the information from the library is accurate and branded and the customer gets the information he wanted. Everyone wins.

Geetesh: How can Shufflrr help achieve the goal of elevating presentations to a higher level in the communications ecosystem?

James: Shufflrr provides the platform to expose the valuable information embedded within companies’ files, to find and preview, so users can actually reuse those files. As a result, the ROI for content creation skyrockets; the same slide is used 100x instead of just once. Brand and message integrity is maintained. And everyone saves time – which is money. Those objectives are of concern to every C-level executive. Shufflrr and presentation management are the paths to achieving those objectives.

Furthermore, when execs realize they are getting a better ROI with their content, they are more inclined to invest in designers, animators, writers, marketers. So the perceived value of those skills is elevated and the ecosystem grows.

Shufflrr is causing the C-suite to ask, what is our Presentation Management strategy?

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