Presentation Summit 2017: Conversation with Nick Morgan

Presentation Summit 2017: Conversation with Nick Morgan

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Dr. Nick Morgan shares thoughts about his sessions at the upcoming Presentation Summit in Clearwater, FL, being held from September 24 to 27, 2017,

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Nick Morgan

Nick MorganDr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication speakers, theorists, and coaches. A passionate teacher, he is committed to helping people find clarity in their thinking and ideas – and then delivering them with panache. He has written three books on communications and is currently working on a fourth about the virtual world, to be published by Harvard next year. He has coached executives and other humans to give Congressional testimony, to appear on the Today Show, and to deliver unforgettable TED talks. He has worked widely with political and educational leaders. And he has himself spoken, led conferences, and moderated panels at venues around the world.

In this conversation, Nick talks about his sessions at the upcoming Presentation Summit 2017 in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Geetesh: You are doing a crash course on Sunday called Finding Your Authentic Voice. Additionally, you also present a session, Presentations that Lead to Action. How, according to you will attendees benefit from each of these sessions?

Nick: People don’t remember much of what they hear in a speech. I’m focusing on two ways to make your speeches — either for yourself or others — more memorable. First, if you can deliver your speech with charisma and with a unique voice, people won’t forget you. That’s the purpose of Finding Your Authentic Voice. And second, if you can get people out of the passive state of listening (and forgetting), and into action, they’re much more likely to retain your message. That’s why I’m leading the session on Presentations that Lead to Action. If there’s no action after the speech, then it might as well not have happened!

Geetesh: You’ve been part of the Presentation Summit earlier, and are coming back again. How does it feel? And what are you looking forward to?

Nick: I’m thrilled to be coming back again after a long absence. I’m going to immerse myself in the Summit, soak up as much of the wisdom of the amazing group assembled as I can, and get to know as many people as I can. Because I’m working on a book on virtual communications, too, I’ll be conducting ad hoc, informal, research. So if you see me heading your way, watch out — I’ll probably want to interview you on your experiences in the virtual world of webinars, audio conferences, video, texts, emails — the world we live in now, in fact! is the Media Partner for the Presentation Summit.

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Presentation Summit 2017 Clearwater

Presentation Summit 2017 Clearwater

What is the Presentation Summit?

For many years now, Rick Altman has been hosting the Presentation Summit, a highly popular event that is geared towards users of PowerPoint and other presentation platforms.

Date: September 24 to 27, 2017
Location: The Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, United States
Register now!

Twitter Hashtag: Presum17

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