Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2017: Conversation with Joseph Ganci

Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2017: Conversation with Joseph Ganci

Created: Monday, September 18, 2017, posted by at 9:45 am

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Joseph GanciJoseph Ganci is from eLearningJoe. eLearningJoe works with organizations worldwide to assist in their quest to improve their productivity and increase their revenue by ensuring their employees learn and retain what they must know to perform at their highest levels. Our award-winning consultancy covers all aspects of eLearning analysis, design, development, and evaluation. We understand technology and are experts in many eLearning development tools, which we also review and evaluate. In fact, we frequently train groups at their places of business in the use of authoring tools, couched in practical approaches to instructional design.

In this conversation, Joseph discusses his upcoming webinar as part of the Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2017 series.

Geetesh:  Joseph, what is the largest takeaway for attendees of your Outstanding Presentations Workshop webinar, How to Ensure that Your eLearning Initiatives are Successful?

Joseph: Most eLearning projects are not very successful. Learners do not find the experience engaging or interesting and they simply aren’t learning much in the process. Unfortunately, those who don’t have a professional background in eLearning don’t know what they don’t know, so they often make assumptions that prove to be wrong. A lot of money and time is wasted in creating eLearning that simply doesn’t do the job of helping employees become more productive. During this session, I will point out the important questions that must be answered along with the steps that should not be skipped. Invest an hour of your time in this presentation and you may find yourself saving a lot of time and money while creating much better eLearning that your learners will love.

Geetesh: You head eLearningJoe, a consulting and training eLearning company. Can you tell us about the work you do at eLearningJoe, and how you help presenters and communicators?

Joseph: I’ve been creating eLearning for 34 years and have had my own practice since 1998. We’ve helped organizations all over the world to know how to communicate better with their employees by both listening and then providing to them the learning experiences they need to become happier, more productive employees. We work with clients at every level, sometimes helping them only with the initial stages while at other times taking on the bulk of the work. We’ve also been hired to critique eLearning projects to help ensure subsequent ones are even better. Finally, I focus especially on the tools of the trade, reviewing and writing about eLearning authoring tools each month for Learning Solutions Magazine.

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