PowerPoint Animated Greeting Cards from BrightCarbon: Conversation with Scott Wakefield

PowerPoint Animated Greeting Cards from BrightCarbon: Conversation with Scott Wakefield

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Scott Wakefield

Scott WakefieldScott Wakefield has been with BrightCarbon since its inception as an 8-man organization at the end of 2011, and has been very pleased to see it blossom into the 38-person team that it is today, with a presence on both sides of the Atlantic.

As the oldest member of BrightCarbon by some measure, Scott has many years of experience gained over a lengthy career in a variety of sales and marketing roles. Today, he still leads the charge in securing new business and new clients for the company. Scott lives in rural Leicestershire and has been married to his wife, Karen, for 35 years. He has two grown-up daughters – Lauren and Harriet.

In this conversation, Scott talks about the BrightCarbon tradition of providing every year, animated greeting cards created in PowerPoint.

Geetesh: You folks at BrightCarbon always create some amazing cards each year for the festive season. What motivates you?

Scott: It’s a bit of fun and lets the team ‘off the reins’ to flex their creative muscles, which they all enjoy. It engenders a healthy amount of internal competition too, as everyone strives to come up with something original.

Geetesh: All your cards are created within PowerPoint. Why do you choose PowerPoint to create these cards, and why do you give them away to others?

Scott: Our mission is to end ‘death by PowerPoint’ by ridding the world of dull and dreary, text-heavy slides. As well as being fun, creating these cards helps demonstrate to folks that you can do so much more with PowerPoint than ‘click to enter text’!

Why do we give them away? Well, it helps to spread awareness of PowerPoint’s true potential. Also, it is the season of goodwill to all, after all, and so why not spread a little happiness too? And since these cards are created using PowerPoint, folks can download the PowerPoint files and add their own messages.

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