Wow3D: Conversation with Guillaume Otrage

Wow3D: Conversation with Guillaume Otrage

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Guillaume Otrage

Guillaume OtrageAn established media exec and serial entrepreneur, Guillaume Otrage has brought a number of 3D graphic technologies to market, that are now standard 3d visualization and interactive communication in numerous Fortune 500 companies including Sony, Electronic Arts, and P&G. Through his career, Guillaume built major partnerships with top brands in 3D visualization, such as Nvidia, HP, and Barco. After being VP of Global Sales for one of the brands at Dassault Systemes (the developer of leading CAD software such as Solidworks and CATIA) Guillaume co-founded with Krzysztof Kobus  Wow3D to bring the 3D “Wow” of Pixar to PowerPoint.

In this conversation, Guillaume talks about Wow3D.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about Wow3D? What motivated you to create this product?

Guillaume: Wow3D is an online platform that converts PowerPoints in interactive 3D presentations in one click. It allows companies to be more impactful and differentiate in their communication. Think of it as an easy 3D PowerPoint add-on that will take care of bringing your slides, whatever their content may be (still graphics/text but also animations), in a 3D environment. Once slides are laid out in this environment, in fact, a 3D template, the presentation takes place by navigating in 3D from one slide to another in a very aesthetical manner.

Wow3D Sample

Wow3D Sample
The original slide and the result from a 3d presentation made by Siemens at a VIP event in Paris

The templates are either built-in with the standard offer or one can have a 3D designer using 3dsmax or Maya design a totally specific template (for instance the interior of a company factory, a 3D map, the 3 pillars of a strategy…) We provide services to do so as well as assistance for those who already have their own 3D design teams.

Our showreel demonstrates some of the visuals effects that are possible and the variety of templates.

This showreel comes as a video, but interactive versions of the same, as well as great client examples (hi-tech, luxury, medical, etc.) can be found on our Examples page.

We designed our platform to be extremely simple to use. As you can see in the image below, it is only a matter of a few clicks to get your presentation converted. A huge time saving compared to adding animations one by one to make your slide stand out.

Wow3D Interface

Wow3D Interface
A very easy-to-use interface

Wow3D comes in an online version, that can generate presentations viewed off-line and a desktop version, where all the conversion happens on a PC. The online version is free with paid options to support PowerPoint animations, and customize the template to your company’s visual identity.

Beyond transitions, Wow3D can generate 3D effects within the slide itself. For instance, pie charts, bar charts, and 3D bullets points can be added to strengthen the visual impact.

Finally, a great aspect of Wow3D is that content is easily shareable: all 3D presentations are generated in HTML and sent in a very simple manner to clients or associates via emails, social networks, or web page integration. Note although relying on the browser, those presentations can be played even without an internet connection (often the case when you pitch at a client). One can even generate an MP4 video which is perfect for trade shows, updates on YouTube, or even a video presentation in your company’s lobby.

Wow3D Templates

Wow3D Templates
Some of the built-in 3D templates

Many companies endorse our new approach to presentations: Dassault Systèmes, HP, EY, Renault are just a few of the big corporations that are using our solution. We even won a global start-up competition organized by Publicis among 50 other startups on the topic of renewing presentations!

What gave us the idea of creating Wow3D? During my career as an executive, I was constantly facing the challenge of using 2D software for presentations in a world where 3D is becoming a standard (CAD, Cartoon, VR…) and where I was promoting solutions that were far above visually compared to the presentation software I was using. This is when I met Krzysztof Kobus, my partner and CTO and we decided to launch a specialized platform that should allow everyone to become the “Pixar of 3D presentations”–all this leveraging the very user-friendly and powerful environment of PowerPoint!

Geetesh: What are the benefits of 3D presentations compared to conventional 2D slides? Can you explore some scenarios where 3D can provide more benefits.

Guillaume: A 3D presentation helps you tell your story by “setting the stage” for your presentation. A 3D universe will not send a specific message by itself, but contribute to turn your presentation into an experience.

You sell planes or trains? Have a 3D template displaying those in a conceptual landscape. You are in real-estate finance? Then the context of 3D buildings is a great way to set the tone for your presentation. One can show for instance their new factory interior, a view of a certain hardware they manufacture, all of those can contribute to your narrative! In a way, we are augmenting the slide content by adding an extra communication channel around it.

Even in cases where 3D is not descriptive by itself, the fact that you are using a conceptual 3D universe as a background (made of generic 3D volumes for instance) will position you as innovating, digitally-enhanced, different…

Another way to look at the benefit of a 3D presentation is that with 3D, we replace the need for a visually impressive corporate video somewhere inside your presentation: a 3D presentation brings as much dynamism as a video at a fraction of the cost while having all the update-ability of a PowerPoint deck. The impressive visuals and detailed content are intertwined together delivering a very unique experience!

Also, regarding the benefits of our approach, the impact of 3D on an audience is also supported indirectly by various scientific publications. The onset of motion that happens at start of a 3D transition positioned at a key moment in the presentation will trigger in the reptilian part of our brain an increased attention (see Abrams & Christ, Univ. Washington 2003 on attention and motion onset).

A further evidence of the increased attention Wow3D generates is also the simple fact that most of our users get asked after their presentation what software solution they used. One can rest assured that the companies that use Wow3D will be remembered by their clients!

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