Hypersay: Conversation with Paul Balogh, Cristian Dinu, and Brian Daly

Hypersay: Conversation with Paul Balogh, Cristian Dinu, and Brian Daly

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CEO Paul Balogh and CTO Cristian Dinu have known each other and worked together for over 15 years. They are both born and raised in Romania. Brian Daly is Commercial Director and joined in October 2016. He is American and an ex-investment banker. In this conversation, the three of them talk about Hypersay, a product that improves PowerPoint by making it a conversation.

Hypersay Team

Hypersay Team
Brian, Paul, Cristian and… Hypersay’s Roadmap for 2018

Geetesh: Tell us more about Hypersay, and what motivated you to create a product that complements PowerPoint slides to make them more lively and interactive?

Paul, Cristian, and Brian: Hypersay is a product created to empower both Presenter and Participant to creatively interact with each other during a PowerPoint presentation. We are motivated to reverse the trend towards ‘death by bullet points.’  We believe, with the ubiquitous presence of mobile phones and laptop computers competing for the attention of the participant, PowerPoint Presenters need a tool to take back control of the participants physical and mental real estate.

Hypersay places PowerPoint presentations into mobile devices of registered and anonymous participants alike.  The interactivity allows the Presenter to turn the mobile device into an engagement tool and divert the attention away from Facebook or emails. Hypersay also provides powerful feedback to the Presenter allowing them to understand which slides are the most effective. Last, but definitely not least, Hypersay presenters can easily follow-up with their participants.

Geetesh: Compared to other polling and interactivity options, what is the USP of Hypersay? Can you share some thoughts from end users?

Paul, Cristian, and Brian: We owe a big thanks to the polling companies that opened the door to interactivity in presentations but Hypersay differs with two USP’s:  Interactivity and Data

Interactivity: Hypersay marries PowerPoint content with interactivity, all of which is integrated into one environment that does not force participants to login and is 100% spontaneous.  Without any tech knowledge, the Presenter becomes the captain of an interactive presentation.  Participants can take private notes and ask questions using the Question Wall during the presentation.

Data: Hypersay collects data during the presentation that allows Presenters monitor engagement while the session is live, and post the presentation, provides an automated ‘feedback form’ for participants, assesses the effectiveness of each slide in the deck and allows the presenter to communicate with participants in one click.

Our strongest testimonial to date comes from Michel Abitteboul, Lecturer in Toulouse, France.  He says, “Hypersay helped me generate a totally different mood in the classroom (20 students).  Instead of having students waiting for a top-down knowledge, they became actors in their own learning and they had fun.”

Hypersay is currently used in 100 countries and growing on average of 300 new users a day. In the interest of full transparency, Hypersay does not support PowerPoint animations though GIF’s and sequencing of slides are possible workarounds.

Paul Balogh

Paul Balogh

Paul Balogh is a tech entrepreneur, currently living in London. Paul is busy building a company around one of the most exciting real-time technologies to hit the European school and HE market.

For the past decade, he has been working in the book-publishing industry in Eastern Europe. He founded and co-founded startups around digital publishing and also managed large online bookshops and pioneered the creation and distribution of ebooks in the Romanian market.

Cristian Dinu

Cristian DinuCristian Dinu is the CTO of Hypersay.  He previously worked for IBM and Vodafone in Bucharest.

He exited the corporate world in 2006 and founded his first company which specialized in building and maintaining e-commerce systems.  Since then he has never looked back, though his true passion in life is history and literature.

Brian Daly

Brian DalyBrian Daly is Commercial Director and joined Hypersay in October 2016. He worked in investment banking for 30 years (New York, Paris, and London) before starting a new career in Education in 2013.  He is dual national (US/UK) living in London.

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