Hypersay with Live Streaming: Conversation with Brian Daly

Hypersay with Live Streaming: Conversation with Brian Daly

Created: Monday, April 6, 2020 posted by at 9:30 am

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Brian Daly

Brian Daly
Brian Daly worked as an American Investment Banker for 30 years in New York, Paris, and London (1983—2013).

He has re-invented himself as an entrepreneur with the assistance of the founders of Hypersay where he always learns something new every day.

In this conversation, Brian talks about the new Live Streaming feature in Hypersay.

Geetesh: Brian, tell us about the new Live Streaming option in Hypersay. Which streams are supported, and how can this feature help users who are working from home or remotely?

Brian: Hypersay was previously used in University lecture halls and business meetings to engage the audience using their mobile devices. Like many businesses, Hypersay needed to pivot into the digital world of remote presentations due to the Covid-19 virus.

Hypersay presentations are an excellent complement to any normal webinar because we offer a living document that the presenter and the audience can interact with throughout the presentation. However, to go a step further, Hypersay has developed a full suite of streaming services that goes beyond the normal webinar. The new “Live streaming” sidebar in Hypersay offers 3 ways to handle audio/video:

  • Audio only: broadcast your voice only
  • Video streaming: direct voice and video broadcasting
  • Custom stream: for advanced users, we allow embedding 3rd party live streams with providers such as YouTube, Twitch and Restream.

Hypersay Live Streaming

Hypersay Live Streaming

Streaming your presentation is effective when presenting to a large audience (+15). It means:

  1. You no longer need to handle a separate audio/video call.
  2. You command the (digital) stage with little interruptions from your audience. You are in control of the flow.
  3. You no longer share your entire screen to show your slides. Your audience can simply follow your image, your voice, and your slides directly on their devices.
  4. If you choose audio-only, you need very little bandwidth.
  5. The chat/question wall can be moderated by yourself or a third-party person.

All of this can be done from your home laptop computer.

Geetesh: Can users work with their existing PowerPoint content? Also, how can they add quizzes, questions, and any other interactivity?

Brian: Yes, users can use their existing PowerPoint content. The sole exceptions are transitions and animations. After converting your PowerPoint content onto Hypersay, you can add interactivity that includes polls, quizzes, Likert scales, images, and videos. The interactivity can be added prior to the presentation, or on-demand, while live. For example, if an interesting question comes to you from the audience on the chat, you can instantly present it back to the audience for their opinion.

Hence, you speak (or stream) to interactive slides that engage the minds and ears of your audience.

Hypersay with Live Streaming

Hypersay with Live Streaming

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