Hypersay with Live Subtitles: Conversation with Brian Daly

Hypersay with Live Subtitles: Conversation with Brian Daly

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Brian Daly

Brian Daly
Brian Daly worked as an American Investment Banker for 30 years in New York, Paris, and London (1983—2013).

He has re-invented himself as an entrepreneur with the assistance of the founders of Hypersay where he always learns something new every day.

In this conversation, Brian talks about the new Live Subtitles feature in Hypersay.

Geetesh: Brian, please tell us more about Hypersay and the new Live Subtitles feature.

Brian: Hypersay provides software that converts PowerPoint, Google Slides and PDFs into interactive ‘Live Presentations’. Within Hypersay, the presenter adds polls, quizzes, videos, etc. to make the slide presentation interactive. The audience accesses the Live Presentation through a QR code.

The new feature of Live Subtitles and Live Translations is a crucial step assuring that Hypersay can be used as a full-service communication tool for slide presentations. The ubiquitous nature of the mobile device in today’s world means slide presentations compete for an audience’s attention. Hypersay allows the mobile device to become part of the presentation through interactivity (polls, quizzes) and now, live captions scrolling on the mobile device in +60 different languages.

Hypersay Live Subtitles

Hypersay Live Subtitles

Geetesh: Can you share some scenarios where you see the Live Subtitles feature being used?

Brian: Hypersay is currently used in education (university lecture halls), corporate meetings and training, and events in +120 countries. Live Subtitles and Translations will enhance any scenario where:

  1. Certain audience members cannot hear the presenter, for whatever reason, including overcoming accessibility problems.
  2. Certain audience members do not speak the same language as the presenter.

A few examples of where we believe Live Subtitles and Live Translations in Hypersay will add value are:

  1. Events in non-English speaking multi-culture cities (Shanghai, Singapore, Paris, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Bogota, e.g.) where the presenter is speaking in English.
  2. A University Lecture Hall where some students have accessibility issues and/or have English as a second language.
  3. An International Drug Company hosting a webinar for Doctors residing in various countries.
  4. A wedding in Dubai, where the father of the bride from Bengaluru is giving the speech of his life to his new son in law’s family from Beijing.

Hypersay Live Subtitles

Hypersay Live Subtitles

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