Hypersay Pro Accounts and More: Conversation with Paul Balogh

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Paul Balogh
Paul Balogh is a tech entrepreneur, currently living in London. Paul is busy building a company around one of the most exciting real-time technologies to hit the European school and HE market. For the past decade, he has been working in the book-publishing industry in Eastern Europe. He founded and co-founded startups around digital publishing and also managed large online bookshops and pioneered the creation and distribution of ebooks in the Romanian market.

In today’s conversation, Paul talks about the new Hypersay Pro accounts, and more.

Geetesh: Can you tell us about what difference the new Engagement Analytics makes to Hypersay users?

Paul: Our Engagement Analytics will allow Hypersay to have a positive impact on Teaching and Learning.  During any presentation, we monitor the digital engagement throughout the entire presentation. Once the presentation is finished, Hypersay can show the presenter which slides were most effective, which slides were less effective, what % of participants answered the questions or quizzes and direct feedback from the participants about the presentation.

As we expand our knowledge in this area, Hypersay will to be able to aggregate engagement analytics over longer period of times (say one semester) and offer insights into factors that positively and negatively influence engagement.

Hypersay Analytics

Geetesh: You are about to launch Pro accounts for Hypersay users. How will these accounts differ from existing Hypersay accounts?

Paul: Hypersay will continue to have a comprehensive FREE version available for presenters.  Our new Pro accounts will provide access to functionality beyond basic ‘interactivity’ that are important for people who make presentations frequently. Engagement Analytics and Follow Up functionality are examples of premium features inside Hypersay for Pro Account Users. In the coming months, Hypersay will be adding other features such as Data Exports, Moderation, Customized URL’s, and Advanced Analytics for these Pro Account Users.

Our Pro Accounts can be purchased for one-time events or just specific presentations. Users do not have to commit to paying a monthly or annual subscription to Hypersay to access Pro Accounts. Please consult our website for pricing details.

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