Neuxpower NXPowerLite Desktop 8: Conversation with Alan Gurney

Neuxpower NXPowerLite Desktop 8: Conversation with Alan Gurney

Created: Monday, March 12, 2018, posted by at 9:30 am

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Alan Gurney
Alan Gurney has been working in the Marketing Team at Neuxpower since February 2017. His main responsibilities include email campaigns and automation, managing the company’s CRM database and e-commerce platform and content production. He lives in Streatham, South London, and has previously worked in marketing roles within the education and e-Learning sectors.

In this conversation, Alan talks about the new NXPowerLite Desktop 8 from Neuxpower.

Geetesh: NXPowerLite Desktop 8 seems like a major release on both the Windows and Mac platforms. Can you tell us more about what’s new and what’s improved?

Alan: In the last few versions of NXPowerLite, we focused on improving the compression levels for the files we support, rather than bringing in too many new features. So, with version 8 we listened to our users, and their feedback has led to a host of new productivity-enhancing features to help them get the best out of their workflows. At the moment, version 8 is only available on Windows Desktop. However, we’ll be rolling it out on Mac OS later this year.

Let me run you through some of the new features that you’ll be able to see in NXPowerLite Desktop 8:

Custom Profiles: We’ve made it possible to quickly select custom presets for file compression from the home screen. Tailor your saved profile’s resolution, quality, application data settings and more to boost productivity.

Add Folders: This lets users choose which folders and subfolders to include to be compressed. NXPowerLite will then pre-scan those directories and let you decide which files you want to be compressed.

Output Quick-select: It’s now possible to choose your output folder and backup preference from the home screen. Combined with the new ‘Custom Profiles’ and ‘Add folders’ features, we’ve made selecting and compressing files easier.

Right-click Menu: We’ve added a host of options to our right-click menu in Explorer, so you can shortcut to reduction. You can resize JPEG images, choose to reduce and replace files, zip files or send compressed copies on in just a couple of clicks. The right-click menu is now keyboard accessible too.

PNG and TIFF Compression: We’ve expanded our supported file types even further by adding PNG and TIFF files into the NXPowerLite mix.

Expanded Zip: We’ve added the ability to zip your compressed files to the results screen, which was previously only available on right click. Zipping from right-click now also pops up a helpful dialog asking you where you want to save your Zip file and what name to give it.

Collision Handling: Previously if you optimized a duplicate file, NXPowerLite would add an increment of (1) to the file name. Now you’ll be asked you if you’d like to overwrite, skip or keep both and increment the name.

Ignore Slide Masters: You can now choose to ignore PowerPoint Slide masters in your options. This allows you to keep your master images untouched while everything else is reduced.

Keep Original File Names: When saving to a new folder, you can now keep you original names using this new setting in File Preferences.

As far as improvements go, among other tweaks to the way we process PowerPoints we’ve added the ability to reduce background fill images and improved the compression for files created in Office XML files. On top of this, we’ve expanded support for Microsoft Office files which has resulted in our ability to get a higher level of compression out of a greater number of files.

Geetesh: What sort of user feedback do you receive, and how much of that finds its way in the form of new features and improvements? Please share some thoughts, or even a small case story.

Alan: We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with our customers, it’s one of the fundamental blocks that Neuxpower is built on. We keep track of all the feedback we receive, which is often in the form of requests for new features or tweaks we can make to our products, and use them as the basis of a design for each new version. Ahead of building Desktop 8 we also ran a dedicated customer survey which was great for letting us see how much demand there was for the new features we were proposing.

To give you an example, Troy Chollar who runs the PowerPoint blog asked us to make it possible to create custom optimization profiles as version 7 was limited to just one. With Desktop 8 you can now create unlimited profiles, name them and choose them quickly from the main dialog as you optimize files, making it easy to change settings each time you need to compress files.

Along with this, since launching our free online compression tool we’ve had more customers getting in touch and sharing files that our technology hasn’t been able to compress for some reason, which has quickly delivered a huge amount of insight. This communication is directly helping us to improve our core compression technology.

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