Neuxpower NXPowerLite Desktop 8 for Mac: Conversation with Mike Power

Neuxpower NXPowerLite Desktop 8 for Mac: Conversation with Mike Power

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Mike Power

Mike Power
Mike Power owns and runs Neuxpower, the company behind the popular compression software NXPowerLite and now also the free online version WeCompress. A big fan of helping people feel more awesome by making software that just gets the job done without making a fuss! He aspires one day to create software that will actually give people superpowers.

In this conversation, Mike talks about the new NXPowerLite Desktop 8 product for Mac.

Geetesh: Can you share some info about what’s new, what’s updated, and what’s your favorite feature in this release?

Mike: Sure thing. This has been a really big release for us in terms of customer-visible features. In the previous release we had focused on updating the compression engine which sits at the heart of our products – but this time we got to spend lots of time making the user experience much better, which I was really happy about.

The main application dialog has been completely reworked to make choosing your options before hitting “Optimize” much clearer and slicker. These improvements to the main dialog also highlight one of the headline features for version 8 – “Custom Profiles”.

In earlier versions of NXPowerLite Desktop users could only create one settings profile, meaning they would need to tweak their compression settings constantly to suit their immediate needs. This could be quite frustrating when dealing with a number of tasks that require very specific settings, especially if these were regularly occurring tasks. With Desktop 8 you can now create unlimited profiles, name them and choose them quickly from the main dialog.

Custom Profiles was a feature initially requested by Troy Chollar, President and Co-founder of TLC Creative Services, Inc. After getting hold of version 8, he shared a few words about what this new feature meant for him and his team:

As a presentation designer I have been a longtime fan of NXPowerLite as my go to resource for optimizing presentations. Desktop 8 included a lot of great additions and our team immediately leveraged the new profiles library. We developed a set of custom profiles to match our workflow, then loaded them on all computers allowing everyone on our design team to have the same options and results! Having a library of pre-set optimization profiles available in a few clicks, vs. manually updating compression settings several times a day to meet project needs, has been another big production time saver!”

NXPowerLite can now compress PNG and TIFF files, and we’ve added the ability to replace the original file with a compressed version as well as updating the software to be compatible with the newer Mac operating systems: Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) & 10.14 (Mojave).

Specifically, for people working on presentations we made a small number of engine improvements focused on compressing content in PowerPoint files that we couldn’t previously reach. In the other direction we added the feature to optionally skip content on PowerPoint slide masters, so you can choose to compress all the content in the file but leave the images used on your slide masters alone.

Favorite Feature

I’m a big fan of anything that streamlines computer-based tasks, so one of my favorite features has been the inclusion of the Replace Original file feature combined with its corresponding Finder option. Screenshots created on Retina MacBook Pros tend to be very large – usually over 2mb which makes them cumbersome if you want to share them with people.

So now I can click on a screenshot PNG and select Optimize and Replace original file and in a few seconds my screenshot will be dramatically reduced in place without creating any additional files. I use this a LOT!

Geetesh: NXPowerLite started as a PowerPoint compression tool but now it covers so many more file formats. Can you share a case study, story, or just some feedback from end users–something that shows how users benefit so much from using compression capabilities in NXPowerLite?

Mike: Here are a a selection of customer reviews that highlight some common use cases for NXPowerLite with people in different industries/careers.

This is a ‘must have’ program for my consultant toolkit, especially when working in Africa with slow Internet connections.

Neuxpower works like magic when I need to downsize my PowerPoint seminars. It makes it much easier to e-mail my projects to others for review. Good product.

I have worked most of my adult career in the IT technical Sales space. Whether hardware or software, we LIVE AND DIE by enormous PowerPoint decks. Even with today’s bandwidth, Email Programs restrict attachment sizes. My coworkers and partners can’t BELIEVE the compression ratios I get without loss of quality. Nobody in this industry should be without this fine piece of code.

As a Graphic Designer I have to email proofs out for approval and was struggling with file size limitations. Neuxpower software now enables me to considerably reduce the file size in a couple of simple steps. I would definitely recommend it.

Fantastic product and software. I own a real estate brokerage and have been using Neuxpower and NXPowerLite for years. When I purchase a new computer the first thing I install is this software. With all of the large contracts I use, it is quick and efficient in downsizing large files. I’ve even used it to shrink files for competitors listing packets as a courtesy. Service and updates are seamless. Keep up the great work. You have created wonderful software!

This straightforward and easy to use application certainly makes it easy to optimise images, while maintaining clarity. I’ve found it perfect to quickly prepare images for the web, saving time without the need to go into a heavy-duty application such as Photoshop.

I was looking for a programme to reduce the size of Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents during the course of completing an on-line post-graduate diploma when the size of my submissions was problematic. I tried this program and was genuinely amazed at the reduction in file size. I cannot speak too highly of the value of the programme and only wish I could have found it sooner.

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