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Our chat applet that’s located on many pages of the site is a source of some amazing questions from our readers. And we do get many questions related to Pecha Kucha. In fact, we have two very popular pages on this amazing presentation format at 10 Tips for Pecha Kucha and Ten Easy Topics for Pecha Kucha. Yet, we keep getting questions all the time that are not covered in those posts.

So here are some of the top questions we receive, with answers. If you want to add to this answers, do add your comment in the area below, or reach out to us via our feedback form.

1. When Can the Audience Ask Questions?

Typically, there is no questions and answers time in a Pecha Kucha style presentation because there may be other Pecha Kucha presentations following the one where you wanted to ask questions. However, people do gather for drinks or communicate with each other during a break, or after presentations have been delivered. That’s a good time for audiences to ask questions. Also, some presenters may provide contact information as part of their Pecha Kucha presentations.

2. What Are Good Topics for Pecha Kucha?

There’s no rule regarding which topics you can choose. However, there are certainly some guidelines that may help:

  1. Choose a familiar topic: Try and choose a topic that’s close to your heart. Also, choose a topic that you know as well as the back of your hand. Your slides will constantly move after 20 seconds, so a topic that’s very familiar to you will let you cope with the advancing-slide challenge better.
  2. Choose a generic topic: Pecha Kucha events attract a diverse audience, and you don’t want to choose a specialized topic that’s relevant to a small part of the audience. Generic topics work best.
  3. Bring in some humor: Pecha Kucha presentations are too short to bring in humor that needs context and detail. So its best to just laugh at yourself, and the audience will laugh with you. Be careful not to go too far, so as to humiliate yourself though.

For more ideas about topics, explore our Ten Easy Topics for Pecha Kucha post.

3. How Do I Credit Journal Articles or Some Research That I Discuss?

It’s difficult to provide too much credit in so little time. So you can have 1 of your 20 slides as a credit slide, typically the last or second-last slide. While presenting this slide, say that you want to credit many people for their idea and research, and have put up their details on a web URL. You can share a document on Google Drive or OneDrive, and then make a small URL with that you can add to this slide.

4. Can I Use Word in Slide Titles?

Yes, you can use titles. That’s certainly acceptable.

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