Presentation Summit 2019: Conversation with Mike Parkinson

Presentation Summit 2019: Conversation with Mike Parkinson

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Mike Parkinson

Mike Parkinson
Mike Parkinson (Microsoft MVP and APMP Fellow) is an internationally recognized visual communication expert, professional speaker, and award-winning author. Mike is one of 36 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the world. He regularly conducts workshops and creates graphics, presentations, and creative materials for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, FedEx, Xerox, Dell, and Boeing as well as at international learning institutions and organizations.

In this conversation, Mike talks about the Presentation Summit, being held in San Antonio, TX this year from October 6 to 9, 2019.

Geetesh: Mike, you are doing three sessions this year that include two conventional sessions, From Story to Slides and Super-Simple Slide Design. You are also doing a short drama, along with the host, Rick Altman called Teamwork, Act 1, Scene 1. Tell us about each of your sessions, and what you believe will be the takeaway as far as the participants are concerned. Discuss each session individually.

Mike: A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint

Mike: A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPointFrom Story to Slides is a preconference, two-hour crash course. Participants learn how to go from nothing to a finished, professional, powerful presentation without wasting money and time. This class is applicable to all types of presentations and is based upon my latest book, A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint: Best Practices for Master Presenters. There is so much packed into this class. See my answer to question two below for more information.

Less is best in Super-Simple Slide Design. This session shows how to make professional slides and presentations as efficiently as possible. We learn to eliminate clutter and unnecessary content while meeting the objectives. We learn the latest techniques that ensure our presentations are fresh and modern.

In Teamwork, Act 1, Scene 1, Rick Altman (author or Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck) and I walk through a typical collaboration scenario. We point out common cooperation pitfalls and give solutions that avoid them. For example, we learn the fastest way to define the look and feel of the presentation to get the design right the first time. Rick plays the designer and I am the client as we act out a typical scenario.  Anyone who has collaborated on a project at any size will recognize these reoccurring challenges. The lessons learned in this session reduce future teaming challenges.

Geetesh: This year, you will be leading From Story to Slides as a two-hour Sunday workshop at the Presentation Summit. Share your thoughts, and also tell us what you want the attendees to expect? 

Mike: This class will be AWESOME! In just two hours participants will get:

  • Best practices for making effective presentations quickly
  • The best presentation structure I have ever seen
  • Tips, tricks and secrets to make stunning slides
  • My favorite tools for slide design
  • 1,800+ icons and graphics, step-by-step how, and other great resources

This fast-paced, interactive session covers the entire lifecycle of presentation design for all industries (e.g., education, explanation, sales, marketing, proposals). Everyone walks away with best practices that will make their jobs much easier. I can’t wait to share.

What is the Presentation Summit?

Presentation Summit 2019

Presentation Summit 2019

For nearly two decades, Rick Altman has been hosting the Presentation Summit, a highly popular event that is geared towards users of PowerPoint and other presentation platforms. is the official Media Partner for the Presentation Summit.

Date: October 6 to 9, 2019

Location: Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa, San Antonio, TX, United States

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