Bézier Curves in PowerPoint

Bézier Curves in PowerPoint

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Explore Bézier curves, and how they can be created in PowerPoint.

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A Bézier curve? What’s that? It’s a fancy French name for a simple curve, used in computer-based vector programs. These curves can be scaled indefinitely without losing their smoothness.

Starting with Bézier Curves

Starting with Bézier Curves

PowerPoint’s Line Tools

PowerPoint has four line-drawing tools. These are:

  1. Line (Straight Line),
  2. Curve,
  3. Freeform, and
  4. Scribble.

Which Line Tools Create the Best Bézier Curves?

So while the Curve tool creates the best Bézier curves, the Freeform tool can be used too. The Line tool, on the other hand, is best used for straight point-to-point lines, and the Scribble tool creates a complicated line that has too made vertexes. So although both the Line and Scribble tool may create Bézier curves, it’s best to use the Curve and Freeform line tools. But don’t ignore the Line or Scribble tools too.

You can also use Bézier curves to edit conventional PowerPoint shapes such as rectangles. In our Created Curved Shapes in PowerPoint tutorial, you will learn how you can use Bézier curves to tweak and make your shape look more organic.

Create Curved Shapes in PowerPoint

Create Curved Shapes in PowerPoint

PowerPoint MVP, Echo Swinford has a nice tutorial on using Bézier curves in PowerPoint on her site. While the tutorial was created for older versions of PowerPoint, the basic principles work the same in any version of PowerPoint.

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