AV Professionals, Your Key to Peace of Mind

AV Professionals, Your Key to Peace of Mind

Created: Saturday, November 13, 2004 posted by at 1:44 pm

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Have you been invited to speak at a conference, and then discovered that the AV crew was not as capable as you may have expected them to be?

Jim EndicottWell-known speaker Jim Endicott recently said, “This is always a moment of truth for me. If you were at one of the big conference centers, these types of requests may prompt a call to the convention support supervisor who calls the AV support manager who in turn dispatches the AV professional who then tells you that he doesn’t do power cords. There’s another union that handles that stuff, all before disappearing into the crowd 5-minutes before your set-up is complete. No such challenge here. Todd was a real pro.”

Jim Endicott tells more on his site.

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