Convert PDFs to PPT with PDF2Office

Convert PDFs to PPT with PDF2Office

Created: Monday, May 1, 2006 posted by at 9:03 am

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Recosoft’s PDF2Office 3 (Standard and Personal editions) claims to create editable PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and several other formats from PDFs. I’ll admit that I was quite skeptical about this one. After all, I have lost count of how many people have asked me about how they can create editable PowerPoint presentations from their PDFs. And maybe you are now wondering why anyone would want to create PDFs from their PowerPoints? There are two reasons for that:

  1. Many people create PDFs from their PowerPoint presentations and manage to lose (or delete) the original PowerPoints – and everything is fine until they need to make some changes – then theyll start hunting for the original PowerPoint file and they can’t find it!
  2. Many other PowerPoint users want to insert one or more pages of some PDF in a PowerPoint slide/presentation, and they don’t like to link to a PDF and have PowerPoint warn them of dire security concerns everytime they click on that link!

Either problem doesn’t have a great solution – and this product seemed to answer (at least to a large extent) both these issues. So when the good folks at Recosoft sent me a copy of their product, I was only too happy to throw a 100 page PDF manual for some software application – and then I demanded that PDF2Office make an editable PPT from it! Now, you’ll agree that’s not something you’ll want to do all the time – yet it is good to know if this can be done or not.

So as I stared at my screen (see screenshot) with a mixture of fascination and doubt, I watched as PDF2Office made a very nice PowerPoint presentation from the 100 page PDF – the result was a 100 page PPT with editable text and high quality pictures!

PDF2Office allows ample control over the conversion – you can change image output resolution (for the PPT), decide which pages from the PDF you want to convert, choose font substitutions, and even ignore pages that don’t convert too well. I asked a spokesperson from Recosoft about the “skip pages that don’t convert” option and their response was that “…option exists as there are PDF documents where a certain page contains corrupt PDF data. Thus, that particular page becomes impossible to convert. So, PDF2Office will skip such a page and continue with the rest.”

One thing PDF2Office won’t do is convert password protected PDF files, unless you know the password – and that might be a blessing!

As the next version of Microsoft Office will include built-in PDF output, I think many new users will want a product like this that will convert PDFs to PowerPoint presentations, and Word documents – but then Recosoft will have to make sure that their product is compatible with the next version of Microsoft Office. Recosoft’s spokesperson said that “As PDf2Office Personal/Standard v3.0 uses a modern Windows architecture to interface with Office, it works with the latest version of Office (i.e. Office 2007). We simply need to provide final verification once the real version ships. But as far as we know it works with the current versions.”

You can download a trial version of PDF2Office, learn more about Recosoft products, or buy them online at their site….

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