Newtek TriCaster: Conversation with Paul Lara

Newtek TriCaster: Conversation with Paul Lara

Created: Saturday, September 30, 2006 posted by at 9:17 am

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Paul Lara is a 20-year veteran broadcaster, covering all aspects of television from reporter, producer and news director to coordinating video PR for a major teaching hospital. As NewTek’s video evangelist, Paul is now responsible for NewTek training and demonstrations of NewTek video products: TriCaster, TriCaster PRO, VT[4] and soon-to-be-released SpeedEDIT video editor.

In this conversation, Paul tells us more about the changes taking place in presentations because of affordable appliances like NewTek TriCaster.

Geetesh: Tell us more about TriCaster and TriCaster PRO.

Paul: At $4,995, NewTek TriCaster brings the power of professional broadcasting and web streaming to more people than was ever before possible. TriCaster brings all the key elements of a TV live truck (live switching of 3 cameras, titles, clip playback and more) into an appliance that is the size of a shoe-box and just weighs 10 pounds. TriCaster also comes with iVGA, a revolutionary software client that allows any computer running PowerPoint to be included as a live TriCaster input, along with cameras and videos. While TriCaster is showing your presentation with live cameras and video clips, it can be sent out as a live Windows Media stream to your audience. TriCaster gives you the ability to record your presentation as a broadcast-quality digital video clip for later broadcast or streaming. Find out why TriCaster has garnered more than 13 industry awards at

TriCaster PRO, at $6,995 adds critical features requested by professional broadcasters, such as component video, balanced audio, push streaming, and simultaneous video recording while streaming to the Internet. You can see a comparative feature list at .

Geetesh: How can everyday presenters get cost benefits by using TriCaster.

Paul: TriCaster becomes an insurance policy on your intellectual property. It is not, after all, the PowerPoint presentation that is the key ingredient, it is your elaboration and passion that makes the presentation important. PowerPoint is simply an outline for later audience support. TriCaster lets you capture important presentations to stream live to the world or to share later with a targeted audience either as a web stream or video.

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