Bring Training to Life with Avatars

Bring Training to Life with Avatars

Created: Tuesday, October 17, 2006, posted by at 9:03 am

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Tom AtkinsLet’s face it: long presentations can be boring, and you can lose your audience in less time than it takes to click to the next slide. Corporate trainers and salespeople are now discovering that they can sustain attention — and ensure a higher content retention level — by using animated characters called avatars that talk, sing, dance, gesture, tell jokes and generally liven up the proceedings. Avatars can introduce the presenter (or BE the trainer), advance slides, demonstrate products, have interactive “conversations” with the audience, and even exhibit a personality. A character can behave in a skeptical manner, for example, raising questions about what the presenter is saying while simultaneously serving as a foil allowing the presenter to counter issues in Mutt-and-Jeff fashion.

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