PowerShrink: Conversation with Bronwyn Lane

PowerShrink: Conversation with Bronwyn Lane

Created: Thursday, October 19, 2006 posted by at 8:06 am

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Bronwyn Lane is from TopByteLabs, a Germany based company that creates several optimization programs including a PowerPoint file optimization software called PowerShrink.

In this conversation, Bronwyn tells us more about the need for PowerShrink, and how it performs.

Geetesh: Tell us more about yourself and PowerShrink.

Bronwyn: PowerShrink was founded in early 2004. At that time, the product’s main aim was to compress a PowerPoint document, while keeping the presentation itself at its best. Since 2004, we at TopByteLabs have made many upgrades to make the product more specific and unique. We now provide free templates, trial versions and even other software programs to complement PowerShrink.

I joined TopByteLabs Ltd. in July 2006 — my responsibilities are in helping market all their programs — something that suits my marketing background immensely. I wanted to work with a self driven, qualified team that would help me as much as I could help them. In TopByteLabs, I have found that. Not only are they a energetic fun team, they also inspire each other.

Geetesh: How does PowerShrink evaluate the presentation, and compress it.

Bronwyn: PowerShrink starts with evaluating the Microsoft PowerPoint file, looking for embedded pictures and objects. This is important for file security so that no data gets lost.

When this is done, the pictures and objects are optimized to the user specifications set in the program settings. At this point, PowerShrink creates a copy of the presentation never putting the original file at risk, also saving a copy of the original. The copy is created with embedded images that are optimized (shrunk). At this stage, embedded objects are converted to pictures, if this option was chosen.

PowerShrink also has the option to batch-shrink multiple files. The average compression rate for PowerShrink is 62%. This saves time and space for everyone using PowerShrink.

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