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Agent Bleu (pictured to the left) is the pseudo name of a former designer of audio electronic products, such as the Intimidation series of DJ mixers, who then converted to scripting in 2001. He had his first online success with Doc-Film-Net, a popular resource for controversial documentaries, from which evolved.

In this conversation, Agent Bleu discusses and PowerPoint.

Geetesh: How did come about.

Agent Bleu: I designed for artists and documentary makers but with business in-mind. I wanted to create a system whereby businesses could sponsor artists, while at the same time profiting.

Every business has a message they need to convey, and until now that process has been static by way of written text and pictures, or through the traditional presentation which takes endless preparation and requires a captive audience. seeks to profit by:

  1. animating these messages
  2. for an indefinite period
  3. while making them available to a fluid audience

A Filmation is an online presentation compiled using images, video, and narration.

Filmators upload their pictures, videos, Flash films, and sounds — then simply organize the images to play in sequence according to trigger points they set in the sound file.

This is a service that is totally free for non commercial usage and sponsored by business. The concept is simple, businesses want a system where they can create high quality online presentations but they don’t want to invest in expensive software. With they can post their presentations online for free — then every time someone watches their presentation their account is charged between 5 cents and 25 cents, depending on the usage (those with more popular content would pay less).

Geetesh: How do you make a Filmation from a PowerPoint presentation.

Agent Bleu: To make a Filmation from a PowerPoint presentation, you first save your PowerPont slides as single JPEG images (choose File | Save As, and choose JPEG as the file type). Then upload these along with your audio narration.

Thereafter, you set trigger points in the sound file when you want your images to appear (change).

These Filmations can then be embedded into your own websites or hosted free on

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