Ethos3: Conversation with Scott Schwertly

Ethos3: Conversation with Scott Schwertly

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Scott Schwertly (pictured to the right) Founder/CEO of Ethos3 has loved giving and hearing presentations since he gave his first big speech in the 7th grade. Scott has spent the last eight years working for television network affiliates helping them create story-telling visuals and doing marketing for both the private and public sector. He has a B.A. in Communications and an M.B.A. from Harding University. Helping others design and deliver captivating presentations is his passion.

Geetesh: Tell us more about Ethos3, and the type of PowerPoint work you do.

Scott: Ethos3 Communications is a presentation design and training company. We essentially help businesses and individuals with building, designing, and delivering better presentations. Therefore, our focus covers three main areas:

  • Content,
  • Design, and
  • Delivery.

This includes everything from theme development to slide design to non-verbal presentation tactics. Under our design services umbrella, we offer our clients services such as basic slide design, video production, audio enhancements, storyboarding techniques, and much more. Presentations can be delivered in any format and in as fast as 24 hours.

Geetesh: Your entry to the World’s Best Presentation Contest on SlideShare won a prize — tell us more about how this presentation was different from normal presentations, and what sort of planning and storyboarding went into developing the concept and slides.

Scott: Together, Cheree and I created the Meet Henry presentation.

The concept of Meet Henry was inspired by the need for a presentation revolution which happens to be the name of our Ethos3 Communications blog — Presentation Revolution. Today we live in a business culture that abuses the art and science of presentations and public speaking every day. It is a sad reality when every presentation is an opportunity to make a difference, to make an impact, to change the world. Thus, Ethos3 believes that if we can help others change the way they present, then they will be empowered to present change to the world. This is the message we wanted to articulate through the characters of Henry and Erica.

All in all, creating Henry and Erica was very simple. All images were found via Google or iStockPhoto and the entire presentation was done in Apple’s Keynote. After everything was gathered, we wanted to simply state the problem (Henry) and then offer a solution (Erica). Presentations are not about egos, fancy suits, or MBAs. Presentations are about hard work, diligence, and practice. If someone simply focuses on every facet of their presentation – content, design, and delivery… then they are set-up to succeed. This is the story we wanted to communicate.

About Cheree:

Cheree Moore, Creative Director, brings five years of professional experience to Ethos3 Communications. She has worked in several different types of companies, acquiring her skills as a graphic designer. Cheree’s combination of knowledge, marketing and design experience will help make your presentation memorable. Cheree also heads up the design services that Ethos3 offers.

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