Office: mac 2008: What the reviewers are saying?

Office: mac 2008: What the reviewers are saying?

Created: Sunday, March 16, 2008 posted by at 3:06 am

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Over the last few days, there have been tons of reviews on Microsoft’s new Office 2008 for the Mac. In this post, I’ll look at two of these reviews, and link to them as well.

Glenn Fleishman has put up a strong verdict for Office:mac on the Seattle Times site. He finds that “Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac OS X is prettier than its predecessors. Fortunately, the upgrade is more than skin deep…..Two of the biggest interface changes you’ll find across Word, Excel and PowerPoint are a toolbar that is now part of a document rather than a separate floating item, and a host of separate features (and some new ones) that have been stuffed into a floating palette. These additions may seem minor, but better access can save serious users many minutes. I use both features perhaps thousands of times a day.”

Read more on the Seattle Times site…

Elsa Wenzel of CNET Reviews compares Office 2008 for Mac with Office 2007 for Windows when she says: “Unlike Microsoft Office 2007, the interface changes don’t look radically foreign next to the 2004 edition. That’s good news for anyone who doesn’t want to relearn the locations of common functions. The 2007 applications for Windows arrange functions within tabs, while the 2008 Mac software largely clusters functions within the same drop-down menus including File, Edit, and View. By and large, most of the changes focus on attempting to help users craft more attractive documents. For instance, Office for Mac features the same templates and Smart Art graphics as the Windows counterparts. These are premade templates with 3D and translucent designs”

Read more on the CNET site…

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