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Created: Wednesday, May 28, 2008, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 4:45 am

Life moves on to a full circle — and so does technology. I was just reading this blog post on 8 Ways to Use a Whiteboard in Your Home Office — and it struck me how often I like to use a whiteboard (or even a piece of white paper) to sketch out my ideas for a slide.

We have a large whiteboard in the office here at that’s always running out of white space! We add our list of things to do, our workflows, contact info that we may need very often, and then we need to find some white space to create a visual representation of a slide (or a set of slides). Maybe there’s something about whiteboards (or white paper) and a pen that no computer peripheral or software can match. Not even a Tablet PC! And as they say, when some things work so well, let them remain the way there are.

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  • Whiteboards are nice but they aren’t portable 😉

    If the content is useful, it needs to be written down. And you can only put a limited amount of information on them.

    Here are two pet peeves: dried out markers and incomplete erasing of previous content.

    Many places I visit use the whiteboard as a screen for projecting PowerPoints, which means using one or the other 🙁

  • Oh yes — they are not portable — and that’s so nice. I really don’t want the stuff that I put up on my whiteboard to be portable!

    And using a whiteboard as a projector screen is just not acceptable — most whiteboards reflect and that’s not too great for any PowerPoint presentation.

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