INSCALE and PowerPoint's Morph Transition

INSCALE and PowerPoint’s Morph Transition

Created: Friday, March 3, 2017 posted by at 4:00 am

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PowerPoint’s Morph transition effect continues to impress, and among my favorite users of this transition effect is INSCALE, a design agency based in Germany. We will talk more about Morph and INSCALE soon, but first do look at their Morph showcase presentation.

Do notice that the folks at INSCALE have really pushed Morph to the limits, and they have many more presentations that we will explore in upcoming posts.

I asked INSCALE’s Dominic Späth: What inspires you about Morph?

Here’s Dominic’s answer: Naturally, listeners crave interaction. We want to give them something unexpected, something to think about. That’s why we are drawn to PowerPoint Morph as a design tool. It’s technical advances allow our designers to fully explore their creativity while staying within an easily editable format. Importantly, the many other platforms that have arisen as a neighbor to PowerPoint don’t do anything other than muddle the waters of the presentation field.

This way, our PowerPoint movies take on an entirely new dimension, and our clients can leverage the familiar platform. Effective design is simple – why bother with all of the superfluous programs and add-ons?

So, here’s another question for Dominic: As a design agency, how do you cope up with the fact that Morph playback may not be available on many client systems?

His response: Our clients want outstanding and innovative, yet easily editable presentations. We know that our clients don’t always have the newest PowerPoint version, but we wanted to make sure that they can still take advantage of this new feature.

We made Morph accessible by offering a rendered video, along with a lifetime Update Service in case our client wants to edit their Morph presentation for a later event. The video file is compatible on a variety of platforms, without compromising the design.

Dominic Spath

Dominic Späth is the owner and founder of LEBEMAN which markets the brand INSCALE.

Known as a leading presentation specialist with over 17 years of experience in consulting clients and leading a presentation design company, his focus is mainly on innovative presentation techniques and their most effective individual design.
With skills stemming from education in 3D design and printmaking, he is always looking for the newest technology to make presenting an interactive, memorable experience for every audience.

Thanks to INSCALE’s Johanna Kneifel, who was my liaison for this feature.

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